Sustainable and Portable Living in The Tricycle House

Imagine that you live in a country where you can’t own land or property and all of your housing options are temporary, if you have a home at all. You just might think this Tricycle House is your perfect solution to a dwelling conundrum.

Part of the 2012 Get it Louder Exhibition and designed by the People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and the People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) in China, the Tricycle House is portable and can be configured with numerous options.

Constructed of translucent polypropylene plastic using a CNC router, it retains its strength during folding such that it can open up and expand for increased space and connection to other units.

Optional interior facilities include a kitchen with sink and stove, bathroom with washing tub, living areas with storage and transformable furniture, a water tank, and an outdoor garden.

Imagine affordable, sustainable living, off the grid in an urban environment or in the country, where your home goes where you go. Do you think that you could adapt to this kind of living environment?

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Affordable Prefab Oma Village in Marin

Non-profit Homeward Bound of Marin and California-based Blu Homes recently announced a partnership to build an affordable housing project for homeless families in Marin County.  The Oma Village project will replace a former drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with a community of 14 net-zero energy one- and two-bedroom homes.

The eco-friendly homes will be built in Blu Homes’ 250,000 square-foot factory in Vallejo, California.  When finished in the Fall 2013, according to a company statement, Oma Village will help families find a way out of homelessness through education, job training, and employment.

The solar-powered homes will have access to outdoor kitchen common areas and will be built with radiant heat, high R-value walls, Energy Star appliances, reclaimed or sustainably-harvested wood, and healthy paints and finishes, etc.

A fair market rental for a two-bedroom apartment in Marin is about $1,905 per month, said Blu Homes, and these will rent from between 600 per month.  The project is supported by a significant lead gift, as well as construction loans in the total amount of $1,200,000, from the Marin Community Foundation.

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Energy Bill Guaranty, Passive Solar, Green Roof Movement, + Liquid-Cooled Lighting

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Contemporary Prefab Home for a Writer

Last time I mentioned Jet Prefab,* the company had just released an affordable home plan called The One Story.  That contemporary design has been tweaked and expanded for a new design called the Tess House that I want to share.  It was inspired by a customer dreaming of a writer’s house on Shelter Island in New York.

The three-bedroom Tess House has two decks — both could be used to relax outside and write — and an isolated bedroom that’s connected to the house only with a narrow breezeway.  This same bedroom is next to a home-office den, a convenient location for the writer’s middle-of-the-night inspiration.

The total plan includes 1,645 square feet and carries a price tag of $279,000.  This includes the floor system, walls, roofing, double-pane windows, interior and exterior insulated doors, cellulose insulation thermal envelope, electrical outlets, switches, recessed lighting fixtures, cedar and Hardie siding, drywall, flooring, plumbing, etc.

In terms of process, after the design phase, the Jet home is built in a factory in about 3-5 months.  During that time, site work is completed.  Thereafter, Tess House is delivered and assembled within 1-2 weeks.  At this point, the home is about 90% complete and the rest is just utility connections and other finish work.

[+] Visit Jet Prefab for more about the Tess House prefab.

*This is a partner article for Jet Prefab who compensated Jetson Green. All opinions are ours. We partnered with Jet Prefab to share more about their modern prefab homes.

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June Month in Review [Outline]

Below is a general outline of our coverage from June. In terms of our new articles, the most popular were these — hemp homes video, Sweet Pea houseboat, Connect:2 Prefab, and the Vail Residence — a good indicator of what resonates with readers. Also, as you know, we’re interested in learning about inventive green homes and new green products around the USA. If you have news for, send us a tip.

Innovative Prefab & Home Projects:

Technology & Products Innovation:

Know-How & Other Green News:

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How to Find Cheaper Dar Insurance

Eco-Pak is a New Home in a Container

James Green is an aircraft structural engineer who found a creative solution when designing a home for a remote site in Turkey (that wouldn’t allow a concrete foundation).  Green decided to structure the house around a shipping container with an extended skeleton of removable frames.  Seeing more potential, he then patented the idea and teamed up with architect Matthew Coates of Coates Design Architects in order to deploy “Eco-Pak” as modular and sustainable housing.

Eco-Pak is an interesting twist on the standard shipping container home in that the structural parts of the home are packed and shipped in a container.  The container is then integrated as a module in the structure of the home, such as for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

We are doing something ENTIRELY different … it’s one thing to renovate the inside of a shipping box but quite another to create an eco-friendly home that uses the box as structure,” according to a statement by Coates, an architect at the firm that designed the green-roofed Ellis Residence.

Coates and Green plan to adapt Eco-Pak to affordable, off-grid, emergency, and maybe even luxury housing.  A prototype is scheduled for completion in 2013, and I’ll keep tabs on the new modular venture to provide updates as they happen.

[+] More about the Eco-Pak at Building Container.

Credits: Coates Design Architects.

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Sweet Pea is a Built Green Tiny Houseboat

This is Sweet Pea, a 550-square foot tiny houseboat in Olympia, Washington.  It’s also the first houseboat certified by Built Green — coming in with 3-Stars — and was built by owner Mike Auderer of Olympia Construction.

Auderer built the hull with 3/4″ of plywood covered by a 1/2″ of fiberglass and the tiny house sits on top of that.  Construction photos are posted on his company’s Facebook page.

Inside the tiny house, there’s an LG washer/dryer combo, two-burner induction cooktop, and several other modern amenities.  Auderer is making these floating houseboats for others, and would sell a version like this for ~$150,000 (turnkey model, just move in).

[+] More about Sweet Pea and Affordable Floating Homes.

Credits: Affordable Floating Homes.

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Link: Sweet Pea is a Built Green Tiny Houseboat

Majority of LEED Homes Are Affordable

On the heels of the delay of LEED 2012, the USGBC announced that the organization has certified more than 20,000 LEED for Homes units since the residential program launched in 2008.  Moreover, about 51% of all certified homes qualify as affordable housing, and about 79,000 LEED for Homes units are in the pipeline right now.

With green homes expected to gain more market share of all home construction, it’s reasonable to expect that the USGBC will play a huge role in the greening of our national housing stock.

The USGBC certified the first 1,000 homes in 31 months; 1,001 – 5,000 in 18 months; 5,001 – 10,000 in 12 months; and 10,001 – 20,000 in 13 months, according to the USGBC.  So the trajectory is definitely in the direction of more and faster (and, perhaps, measurably greener, too, as the system evolves).

Credit: The Shoebox House/LEED Platinum, © Laurie Allegretti.

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Affordable Motors Announces that Acura Set to Build ILX in the States

Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) December 20, 2011

Affordable Motors, a used car dealer in Brooklyn, would like to announce that Honda?s luxury arm, Acura, is set to release several new models and vehicle redesigns at next month?s 2012 Detroit Auto Show. It?s no surprise that Honda is doing this at the Detroit Auto Show, since Japanese car manufacturers put their focus on American consumers to help with majority of their sales.

Honda is planning on blowing the roof off of Cobo Hall, in Detroit, during the Auto show by releasing a slew of luxury rides. Acura is believed to debut the NSX, known as Acura?s supercar, and also ILX sedan concepts, accompanied with the 2013 RDX crossover. It is believed that the ILX concepts will be quite similar to a close-relative, the Honda Civic. It will also offer traditional drive-trains as well as hybrid options. Some of these vehicles can be found at Affordable Motors.

It is also been noted that this vehicle will be made right here in the United States, as the final touches will be put on in Greensburg, Indiana. The ILX?s that feature gasoline engines will be received from another U.S. Honda plant in Anna, Ohio as well. This is big news as the ILX will be the first Acura hybrid ever, and the first hybrid vehicle that Honda will have built in the United States.

Affordable Motors is a used car dealer in Brooklyn, New York which sells a variety of used Acura models. They also have an additional service shop attached to their location.