MaxCon Software and Aerialogics Establish Strategic Partnership

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Fortuna Logistics, developer of “Maxcon Construction Management Software,” (, and Aerialogics, a premier provider of aerial measurement services and reporting for roofing contractors, (, announced today a strategic partnership that establishes compatibility between their respective technologies along with vast improvement in the economics is achieved for their mutual roofing contractor clients. Technology compatibility will enable web-based, ‘point-and-click’ ordering of Aerialogics’ aerial measurement reports from the “Maxcon Pro” toolset and utilize reported data across the software’s feature set. The two companies will also offer discounted pricing on aerial measurement reports and Maxcon software licensing when contractors purchase the companion services from either Aerialogics or Fortuna Logistics.

“Our technology compatibility and affiliate pricing agreement with Aerialogics offers our mutual clients better estimating productivity, where speed and accuracy with an ‘on target’ quote is a real competitive advantage in the roofing industry,” said Joe Radcliff, CEO of Fortuna Logistics. “In the race to earn a new project, the combination of aerial measurements and Maxcon is an innovative harnessing of internet-based tools contractors can use to get more done in less time.”

Aerialogics’ aerial measurement reports are delivered in 24 hours from online order and are accurate to within 1-2% of actual roof dimensions. Reports reduce estimating costs associated with making a site trip for measurements. “Compatibility with “Maxcon Sketch” further empowers contractors to produce finished estimates at a lower cost–we are pleased to partner with Fortuna Logistics to expand the boundaries of estimating efficiency,” said Sean Green, President/CEO of Aerialogics.

Brad Segal, Former President of Bradco Supply Corp., Joins Aerialogics Executive Team; Shares Ownership and Leads Business Alliance Strategy

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) February 14, 2011

Brad Segal, former President and COO of Bradco Supply Corp., has formally joined Aerialogics executive team, sharing in company ownership and taking a leadership role establishing strategic alliances that will further develop product offerings and grow Aerialogic’s aerial measurement services business.

“I have been looking for businesses to get involved with that will allow me to take advantage of my background and experience in the roofing industry, so I’m very excited to be involved with Aerialogics – It will keep me connected to, and involved with, the many friends I have made in my 28 years in the industry,” said Brad Segal.

“We are pleased to have Brad Segal join Aerialogics. Brad recognizes how key aerial measurement technology can be to roofing contractors seeking ways to reduce costs and raise profitability. We anticipate Brad’s industry background and expertise will augment our efforts to establish Aerialogics’s aerial measurement service as the industry standard for contractors,” said Sean Green, President and CEO of Aerialogics.

“I bring the ability to direct Aerialogics’ efforts to cultivate new business opportunities through partnerships with companies inside and outside the roofing industry, that will translate into products and services that make it easier for contractors to manage their business operations. I am eager to help Aerialogics carve out its own space in the market place and separate itself from competitors as an innovative industry leader,” said Segal.

Aerialogics, LLC Launches iPhone Aerial Measurement Smart-App

Nashua, New Hampshire (PRWEB) October 11, 2011

Aerialogics, a leading provider of aerial measurement services to the U.S. roofing, insurance and solar industries, announced today its new ?Aerial Measurement App? for iPhone mobile devices as a free download from the Apple App Store. Estimators and adjusters who set up a free account on Aerialogics? website at can now access and download the free app using the link: and enable iPhone ordering, tracking and receiving of Aerialogics? aerial measurement reports, right from their mobile devices.

Aerialogics Announces Strategic Partnership with First General Services Canada

Nashua, New Hampshire (PRWEB) November 14, 2011

Aerialogics, a leading supplier of aerial measurement services to the U.S. and Canadian roofing, insurance and solar industries, announced today its strategic partnership with First General Services Canada, LTD, one of North America?s largest affiliate member organizations comprised of full-service restoration contractors with expertise in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Established in 1983 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, First General Services Canada operates from 57 member locations across Canada, specializing in 24-hour, 365 days-a-year catastrophe emergency response services that span securing damaged property, cleaning structures and contents, to complete structural restoration. Under terms of the multi-year agreement, First General Services Canada will utilize Aerialogics? aerial measurement technology to reduce operating costs associated with loss adjustment expense, liability exposure, and re-roofing material waste.

?We are convinced the convenience of online ordering, consistently accurate measurements, and 24-hour delivery of aerial measurement reports will produce significant cost savings across operations, from maximizing our specialist?s time to reducing restoration material costs,? said President and CEO Michael Flatt.

Aerialogics? aerial measurement reporting services are gaining wider use in the insurance industry as a more efficient way to collect accurate roof dimensions needed to document property damage claims. Using Aerialogics? online service, adjusters and restoration contractors submit a property address via their secure online account and receive objective, third-party measurements that are consistently 1-2% of actual measurements. By eliminating the need to manually collect roof measurements, reports reduce time, fuel and liability costs, improve claims processing speed and avoid service delays arising from inclement weather and measurement discrepancies.

?Aerialogics is pleased to have been selected to provide aerial measurements to First General Service?s professional restoration contractor network,? said Aerialogics VP of Global Strategy Andrew Zickell. ?We esteem First General Service?s demonstrated commitment to attaining successive levels of operational efficiency through the adoption of innovative technologies. We expect our aerial measurement services will only augment their service promise of ?quality, integrity, and accountability? in delivery of restoration services to catastrophe-affected customers throughout Canada,? added Mr. Zickell.

Aerialogics Announces Strategic Partnership with DKI Services Corporation

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

Aerialogics, a leading supplier of aerial measurement services to U.S. and Canadian roofing, insurance and solar industries, announced today its formal technology partnership agreement with DKI Procurement, DKI Procurement is the cooperative buying program for DKI, North America?s Largest Disaster Restoration Contracting Organization. DKI returns damaged property to its pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently, delivering complete satisfaction to consumer, insurance, and corporate customers. Under terms of the agreement, DKI Procurement will exclusively market Aerialogics? aerial measurement reporting services to the DKI Membership to gain greater measurement accuracy and increased response time in the documentation of property damage claims and executing roofing projects with less material waste. Aerialogics? measurements are accurate to within 1-2% of actual measurements and are often more accurate than manual measurements. Timely aerial measurement reporting reduces estimating, liability, and project material costs, while expediting the processing of property claims.

?Partnering with Aerialogics gives our Members access to aerial property measurements and forensic hail data in one convenient service,? said DKI?s president, Dale Sailer. ?Our Members are evaluated on their responsiveness and quality of work every day. DKI Procurement is focused on implementing new technologies that reduce costs and improve business results for our Members. Access to Aerialogics? technology means our Members obtain timely, accurate, objective data that will reduce claims processing costs, mitigate conflicts and delays, and further support our goal of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction on every job,? said Mr. Sailer.

?We are honored to have been selected by DKI Procurement to be of service to their Members, who are committed to being on the front lines of restoring people?s homes and livelihoods, wherever catastrophe strikes,? said Andrew Zickell, Aerialogics? Senior Vice President, adding, ?the partnership is a great fit because both parties strive to use the best technologies in delivering services geared to superior results for our respective customers.?

AERIALOGICS is a pioneer in aerial measurement services for the U.S. roofing, insurance, and solar industries. Our expertise converting aerial images of properties into accurate, diagramed measurements in 24-hours-or-less reduces estimating costs and improves operational productivity. For more information please visit:

DKI PROCUREMENT DKI Procurement, an offering of DKI Market Services, LLC, makes it easy for DKI Members and DIAMOND Service Providers to save money on equipment and business service purchases for their business, and to earn rebates and discounts on purchases they are already making for their businesses. DKI Procurement is available exclusively to the DKI organization. DKI and its affiliate companies provide sophisticated property loss management services to insurance companies, property managers, and risk management professionals, along with co-operative buying services, training and education programs, cutting-edge technology and other value-added services to the specialty contractor market. DKI is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information, please visit

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Aerialogics Announces Partnership with NEMEON, Inc. to Co-Market ?LionGuard? Branded Aerial Measurement Services

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

Aerialogics, a leading supplier of aerial measurement services to the U.S. roofing industry, announces today its co-marketing partnership with NEMEON, Inc., a premier purchasing co-op of independent roofing and siding distributors, with 185 members, operating 520 supplier locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Under the long-term agreement NEMEON will co-market Aerialogics? aerial measurement services under NEMEON?s LionGuard Brand. The LionGuard Brand is exclusive to the NEMEON membership and gives them the unique advantage of increasing their service offerings to professional contractors, now to include aerial measurements, a professional estimating tool. With more than 500 member locations, the partnership makes NEMEON one of the largest distribution networks offering aerial measurement services in the U.S. and Canada, and extends Aerialogics? market reach by making its technology more broadly available to contractors.