5 Common Myths about Spray Foam Roofing

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

Throughout the Southwest, spray foam roofing is an ideal solution for flat or low sloped roofs. However, the experts at Roofing Southwest (Tucson roofing pioneers celebrating their 40th Anniversary using spray foam) have found so many myths surrounding this roofing choice that many of their customers are concerned about taking advantage of this option. In fact, so strongly do they believe in the value of spray foam, they used SPF to complete the roof on Downtown Tucson?s first high-rise built in 20 years, the Unisource Headquarters

Pampered Pet Expo – Orlando Pet Parents Discover It’s All About Education at the Expo

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 30, 2009

When Tammy Roussin was working on her Doctorate in Business and Management Information Systems, she wasn’t picturing picking up dog poop for a living. But after a bad experience her beloved cocker spaniel had during a kennel stay, the idea for a pet sitting/dog walking business was formed. Nowadays, Tammy is occasionally laughed at and made fun of because she picks up dog poop, but she’ll gladly tell you that she’s the one who’s laughing because she pulls in a cool $ 100,000 a year as the owner of Pampered Pet LLC., a pet-sitting/dog walking business.

And if that doesn’t make you want to wag your tail, Pet Sitters International, the world’s largest education association for professional pet sitters, reported that more than 11% of their members have gross business revenues of $ 75,000 or more annually and several businesses report annual incomes of more than $ 1 million. Even amid the recession, the industry has been holding steady.

Tammy, who lives in St. Louis, MO will be a guest speaker at the Pampered Pet Expo, an event for Central Florida pet lovers being held August 7th – 9th, 2009 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Her seminar entitled “Build a Profitable Pet Sitting Business” will walk pet lovers through the details of setting up a pet sitting business. She’ll also be sharing her secrets to success, including having a positive attitude, the will to persevere and always having a smile on your face when talking on the phone.

This seminar is just one of the many education opportunities at the Pampered Pet Expo. The main focus of the event is to provide an array of fun classes and informative presentations geared to pet parents. The variety of free and low-cost sessions include: Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR; Canine Behavior Basics; DOGA (yoga with your dog); 5 Keys to Successful Animal Communication; Traveling With Your Pets; When it Comes to Wildlife, What you Need to Know to Keep Your Pets Safe and many more.

In addition to classes, attendees can visit the Ask-a-Vet Center, talk to pet adoption groups, shop with local and national vendors of pet products and enjoy entertainment such as the K9′s in Flight Frisbee Air Dogs, the ShowBirdz! performing parrot show and the Swanky Pooch Fashion Show.

The Pampered Pet Expo is being held in the West Building, Hall D of the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center. Expo hours are from 4pm to 9pm on Friday, 10am to 7pm on Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. Daily adult admission is $ 10 in advance and $ 12 at the door. Friday evening is half-price. Children 10 and under are free. Parking at the Convention Center is $ 8 per car. Tickets may be purchased at the door or in advance by visiting http://www.PamperedPetExpo.com or by calling 800-249-3154. Due to the event’s location, the public is asked not to bring their pets.

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Today’s Boomers Bust Myths About Senior Lifestyles: Full of Life, Well-Connected Online, Looking to Reinvent Themselves, According to Survey From Trilogy By Shea Homes

Scottsdale, AZ (Vocus/PRWEB) December 16, 2010

Challenging myths about senior lifestyles, today’s baby boomers are full of life and say retirement is a time to reinvent and discover themselves, according to findings from a survey conducted by Trilogy by Shea Homes, a leading developer of high-end resort communities, offering a new choice in active living to the baby boomer generation. Data collected from Trilogy’s survey indicates that today, boomers are not only focused on connecting with others and staying near loved ones, but also on making a difference.

For instance, social media is not just solely a “Millennial” phenomenon; “boomers” say they prefer collecting friends on social networks just as much as they do recipes – and even rank it slightly higher (37.28%) than collecting pictures of the grandkids (33.64%). In fact, over 85% of 55+ adults came to the survey from Trilogy’s Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. And boomers are especially committed to their loved ones. When deciding where to live next, they ranked being within driving distance of family and friends as the most important factor, followed closely by desires to create a balanced lifestyle and being more active.

These are just a few of the findings from over 2,000 boomers who took Trilogy’s interactive retirement survey. The survey, found at http://www.trilogylifescape.com, gives 55+ adults an opportunity to learn more about themselves with retirement in mind–with questions on priorities, surroundings and personal goals–while also offering a deeper, more accurate, glimpse into the lives of the boomer generation today.

The survey collected interesting findings on several facets of boomer retirement:

The majority of boomers say retirement is not an end phase, but rather, a new and exciting chapter of life. 51.37% say it’s a time for re-invention and self-discovery, followed by different than it used to be (15.14%), playtime (8.12%), over-rated (5.77%), an opportunity to give-back (5.77%), over-due (5.38%), obsolete (4.32%), and a chance to work from home (3.08%).

Boomers are out to make a difference. 23.93% say their church, synagogue or place of worship is their favorite cause, followed closely by environmental and animal causes with 23.59%.

When asked what they collect, they weren’t thinking of trinkets. 53.58% say it’s family memories, followed by recipes (38.68%), Facebook friends (37.39%) and pictures of their grandkids (33.73%).

Boomers look forward to traveling (58.82%), having a balanced lifestyle (50.89%), being more active (46.18%), and having more “me” time (45.94%) in retirement – in that order. Pursuing new interests and hobbies (42.82%), living near people with similar interests (35.94%), having lots of activities to choose from (35.08%), and spending less time spent in rush hour (27.34%) ranked next.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a mind-body balance, engaging in healthy relationships and continually learning were ranked most important.

“Today’s boomers are still very active, adventurous and connected, as our survey suggests. They want to travel and enjoy family and friends and are a vibrant part of the community,” said Hal Looney, area president of Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities. “Understanding and addressing the needs and desires of boomers has been integral to our offerings since Shea Active Lifestyle Communities began 11 years ago, with a vision of creating a new active lifestyle environment for a generation of people looking to redefine this stage in life. This survey confirms that boomers are still making a big impact today.”

Trilogy’s active lifestyle communities in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington offer quality designed homes in forward-thinking, master-planned communities amid stunning architecture meant to help Baby Boomers truly experience the best in life. Complete with diverse amenities like world-class resort clubs, distinctive restaurants, pools, athletic clubs, day spas, business centers, championship golf courses, tennis courts, scheduled events and more, the lifestyle at Trilogy is made for the dynamic, well-balanced boomer.

Those considering this new breed of retirement living can take a test drive with up to four days and three nights’ accommodations, championship golf or relaxation at a luxurious spa, unlimited access to five-star resort clubs, pools, athletic clubs and the ability to dine at fabulous on-site cafes, bistros and restaurants.

For more information on Shea Homes active lifestyle communities visit http://www.trilogylife.com or call (800) 685-6494. For more details on the survey, please visit http://www.trilogylife.com/page/lifescape.

About Trilogy by Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities

Trilogy communities are high-end resort communities offering a new choice in active living to those looking for an exciting lifestyle that revolves around wellness, exploration, freedom, and close personal connections. Architectural product design and amenities reflect the changing needs of the baby boom generation, including lifestyle-inspired floor plans, world-class clubs and a diverse range of recreation options. Today, Shea Active Lifestyle Communities has 11 communities actively selling including the just recently opened Shea Homes at Ardiente in North Las Vegas, Shea Homes at Jubilee in Lacey, Washington on the Puget Sound, and Trilogy in Groveland, near Orlando. More information is available by visiting http://www.TrilogyLife.com or calling (800) 685-6494.

About J.F. Shea Company

For more than 125 years, members of the Shea family and their companies have accomplished many extraordinary milestones including work on the foundation of the landmark Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay Area’s Rapid Transit System (BART) and managing the construction of the Hoover Dam. Shea Homes introduced its Trilogy brand to the market in 1999 as the centerpiece of its Active Lifestyle Communities division. More information is available by visiting http://www.SheaHomes.com.


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Do-it-Yourself Steel Building System Developed for Earthquake Disaster Areas Challenges Conventional Wisdom about Rebuilding Haiti

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) March 15, 2010

Architect Greg Higgins says the HabiTek building system is “pro-local labor, environmentally friendly, and an idea whose time has come. It’s a paradigm shift.” Habitek’s Erector-set like design is a faster, more efficient way to provide both short & long term solutions.

The thought of rebuilding Haiti is mind boggling even without considering the economic conditions faced. The need to construct adequate shelter for over 1 million people may have no historical precedent. Two months after the quake, planners are struggling with the question of how to help the devastated nation rebuild. R. Buckminster Fuller, the great visionary, inventor, and writer, may have pointed to an answer. He would ask architects, “How much does your building weigh?” We should all remember this line of thought, as consideration of the weight of materials will be critical to the success of rebuilding.

Conventional wisdom holds that confined masonry construction (CMC) should be implemented in Haiti. This is an attempt to help a local building industry tied to concrete and masonry improve their methods; this is certainly important and well-intentioned. Better rebar, more of it, and higher strength concrete is obviously needed. CMC should help in some cases – but the notion that concrete & masonry construction is environmentally appropriate on a tropical island is worth questioning. These buildings are generally hot and confining, and they leave little if any opportunity for creative architectural expression. There are other methods to address earthquakes and hurricane force winds – HabiTek provides one.

In contrast to CMC, HabiTek has developed a lightweight steel framing system that can be erected in hours by almost any able bodied 2-person team without heavy machinery or even power tools. DIY is even an option for smaller structures. Our modular bolt together frame or chassis can help immensely in achieving strong transitional and permanent shelter as Haiti’s rebuilding proceeds. In Haiti, almost everyone could build his or her own home, and even aid in the rebuilding of community structures such as schools. HabiTek makes this possible with a simple “erector-set” like assembly process new to the building industry.

What is the answer to Bucky’s question here? HabiTek’s steel chassis is at least 4.5 times lighter than CMC’s reinforced concrete frame. Weight has many implications. For instance, additional energy is consumed in transportation all along the route from source to site. Too, there’s the shear drudgery involved in lifting and placing these heavy materials. Finally, more weight means that more time will be required to complete the building. We estimate that a pre-engineered HabiTek steel framework can be erected in at least 1/10th the time it takes to pour concrete and set blocks for a given size building. Time, of course, is so very critical in Haiti, and after considering weight, rebuilding officials must ask: “How long does your building take to complete?”

Rebuilding planners face an enormous task. It is imperative that it start with a thorough cost-benefit analysis. Yes, the specially prepared steel components in a HabiTek framework cost more than the concrete and rebar used in CMC. But if the big picture is factored in—weight and time—HabiTek emerges as more economical overall. Also important, HabiTek offers the opportunity to create beautifully designed and comfortable shelters all Haitians can be proud of. HabiTek’s modular system of largely interchangeable parts that locks in required strength when the bolts are tightened deserves serious consideration.

It is critical that a predictable future and sense of optimism be brought to the Haitian people. A safe house that can be assembled by almost anyone will help immensely. With some supervision, individuals and families could be employed to build their own home using the HabiTek method. Grab a wrench and let’s get started.


CMC has been shown to help in earthquakes because these structures are less prone to collapse; but this method is no panacea because they lack flexibility. And if done correctly, CMC requires a high skill level. Large earthquakes can still damage these structures beyond repair. As we are seeing in Haiti, there is little or no value to recycling concrete after a quake. HabiTek’s galvanized steel components are 100% recyclable.

Weight comparison between CMC and HabiTek is based on the 240 sq. ft. (23.3 sq. meters) area of the transitional shelter example shown on HabiTek’s web site. Structural design for the CMC method was based on the publication: “Earthquake-Resistant Confined Masonry Construction”, by Svetlana Brzev. Calculations were based on the primary structural frame in both cases: HabiTek’s post-and-beam steel frame; and for CMC, the concrete columns and beams used to “confine” masonry. For the purpose of the comparison, the weight of CMC’s integrated masonry infill was not included; a modified form of masonry infill is also possible with HabiTek’s steel frame. Weight associated with below grade concrete foundations were considered equivalent (although the lighter HabiTek structure would require a smaller foundation). Also, the weight of any roof structure was not included – based on the fact that both systems could have a wood truss roof structure of similar design.

Some are concerned about the cost implications of importing steel to Haiti. It is important to realize that the CMC method still uses nearly half the weight per square foot in imported steel rebar as a HabiTek all steel framework. Also, roughly 5 lbs/sq. ft. of imported cement is used, assuming a 6-sack mix. Not unlike Hawaii, with the exception of sand and gravel, virtually all building materials in Haiti are imported. This was true 50 years ago or more, and will be true tomorrow.


Columbus Roofing Contractor Launches Website To Help Homeowners Learn More About Home Improvements

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) January 12, 2006

Paramount Roofing today announced the launch of http://www.ParamountRoofing.net as an information portal for Columbus, Ohio area home owners to find information about maintenance and the exterior of their homes. With articles being added almost every day and an online monthly newsletter of home remodeling tips the website is anticipated to quickly become Columbus’s primary resource web site for home improvement.

Future plans include educational guides on selecting a roofing contractor, professional advice from local experts, and a question and answer forum for Columbus area homeowners.

The web site will be an invaluable resource for Columbus, Ohio area homeowners in finding accessible information to address their home remodeling needs. Information will be efficiently categorized for easy navigation.

Jess Biller, president of Paramount Roofing stated, “Our goal is to be the best home and family resource center and information portal for assisting all Columbus homeowners with their remodeling needs. The depth of knowledge and resources at http://www.ParamountRoofing.net is simple, concise and offers every homeowners some information about their home.

About Paramount Roofing — is a full service roofing company with permanent offices in Columbus, Ohio. Paramount Roofing has been serving Central Ohio since 1993. Their mission is excellence in roofing and their aim is to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing excellent workmanship and customer service.


Woof, Meow, Write, Publish: Writing about Pets for Love & Money

Woof, Meow, Write, Publish: Writing about Pets for Love & Money
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How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide

How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide
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The Truth About Tinnitus – What Works And What Doesn’t!

The Truth About Tinnitus – What Works And What Doesn’t!
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