Passivhaus Rainbow Duplex in Whistler

This is a follow-up with new photos to our original coverage of an affordable Passive House duplex located near an affluent ski resort in British Columbia.  Referred to as the Rainbow Duplex, the home was designed by Marken Projects and built by Durfield Constructors with a high-performance, panelized prefab system by BC Passive House.

Located at 8448 Bear Paw Trail in Whistler, the new duplex uses up to 90 percent less energy for heating, cooling, and building operation than a standard house.  That being said, chasing performance didn’t stop the project team from also complying with the affordability requirements of Whistler’s Price Restricted House Initiative.

Each side of Rainbow Duplex includes about 1,500 square feet plus an unfinished basement with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Rainbow Duplex is the “first Passive House to be solely constructed in B.C. using primarily local products,” according to a recent statement.  Pre-certification review was completed last year, and Alexander Maurer of Marken Projects is waiting for Passive House certification from the international office located in Darmstadt, Germany.

This high-performance home has R47 walls, an R60 roof, cross-laminated timber floors and deck, solar hot water, a Zehnder HRV, sub-soil heat exchanger, Mitsubishi mini-split heat exchanger, triple-pane wood windows, and bamboo floors, to name just a few products and materials.

[+] More about the Whistler Passive House in British Columbia.

Credits: Durfeld Constructors. 

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