Old Town Key West Coffee Roasters Gains International Recognition

Key West, FL (PRWEB) October 27, 2007

Being Islanders in the Florida Keys, one learns to rely on one’s self for many things in life i.e. during hurricanes, floods and such, and then there is the Wells family, a family who wanted a cup of fresh roaster gourmet coffee “everyday.”

“It all started when we owned a gas station in the Florida Keys, as the coffee we where buying from coffee companies was s, well lets just say up to par,” stated Joe Wells, co-founder and coffee roaster at Island Joes Gourmet Coffee Roasting Company. He went on saying,” We tried many different types, but it seems the companies supplying our gas station would not take us serious, so my two sons, Trey and Brandon and my daughter, AJ, got together deciding to do something about it. Our islander extinct kicked in, as we where use to working as a team, so we bought a $ 175 home roaster and green coffee beans from all over the world, setup a lab in our kitchen and begin roasting, taking notes, reading everything about coffee we could get our hands on, plus purchased coffee from just about every coffee company online, plus at the supermarkets. It was not cheap! This process took about one year, but we actually started finding gourmet coffee blends we enjoyed. Then we begin offering our gourmet coffee to our local customers at our gas station. Well before long our customers wanted coffee to take home, then the snowbirds who only visit in the winter, starting calling us asking us to send them coffee, hence our website http://www.islandjoesgourmetcoffee.com was born.”

With all the compliments and demand from first the local, then the travelers, the Wells family wanted more opinions about their hard work, so they found some of the world’s leading coffee experts to ask their opinion.

“We went, to what we think is one the top coffee experts’ world,” Wells continued, “contacting Ken Davids at coffeereview.com. Our first gourmet blend to go before the experts was Trey’s Smuggler’s Brew, noting Trey was only 17 at this time. We paced the floor for two or three weeks waiting for the results to come back, then one day the e-mail came and our Smuggler’s Brew rated 88 out of 100.”

It really gave the Wells family a good feeling when the read the following comments, in a blind assessment from Mr. Davids, as he stated, “Very impressive aroma: deep and lush with low-toned fruit (banana?) notes and hints of cedar and chocolate. In the cup crisp and roasty but still sweet with floral notes and a rich fruit that reads as semi-sweet chocolate. Simple but cleanly sweet finish.”

Months went by, as the Wells family worked day and night in their homemade lab, then Brandon aka Beemer, who name is Brandon Mark Wells, which equal BMW, which in turn gives you Beemer, hence Beemer’s Breakfast Blend, which rated 91 out of 100 by coffeereview.com. Mr. Davids again praised the small family owned and operated coffee roasting company by this blind assessment review, “Delicate aroma with softly pungent cedar and sweet tomato notes. In the cup gently and crisply acidy, with distinct floral notes and coffee fruit that reads as a tart, chocolate-toned cherry. A simple but very pure coffee expression.” Noting Beemer was only 14 when his taste buds created this complex gourmet coffee blend of 100% Papua New Guinea.

And the Wells family is not those who will not put their work to the test again and again, as they have had two espressos rated, both at 90 out of 100, Black Flag Espresso and 90 Mile Stretch Espresso, plus the low acidic coffee Misty Morning rated 88 out of 100. Now the good news for the Wells family is their hard work has not gone unnoticed by gourmet coffee lovers all over the world, as from their website http://www.islandjoesgourmetcoffee.com, as they have develop customer in far away lands a China, England, Puerto Rico, Seattle and all across the U.S. “We love it we ship to Seattle,” the Wells said, “as many feel Seattle is the birth place of gourmet coffee.”

The locals in Key West know a good thing when they taste it, as Island Joe’s Coffee is served at some of the finest resorts and restaurants in the Florida Keys i.e. La Concha (Crowne Plaza), Ocean Key Resort, Hot Tin Roof, Caf