Frugality Nation Foundation Promotes Financial Literacy at the 72nd Annual National Foundation for Women Legislators Conference

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 3, 2010

The most prominent and influential female legislators from across the nation came together November 18-22, 2010 in Orlando, Florida for the 72nd Annual National Foundation for Women Legislators conference. During the conference, legislators and issue specialists discussed and developed strategies regarding the highest priority public policy issues facing American society. Among the issues visited were financial literacy and the financial strength of the average American household.

Speaking directly to the heart of the issue was Malia Chapman, Executive Director of the Frugality Nation Foundation, a national non-profit foundation based in Irvine, CA. Chapman is a passionate advocate for financial literacy. She has observed firsthand how basic financial knowledge, awareness and consciousness can significantly affect an individual or family’s relationship with money and overall lifestyle. Frugality Nation is helping lead the initiative to build a national movement focused on empowering Americans with the financial know-how needed to navigate through today’s complex maze of financial jargon and the pressures of consumerism.

Chapman addressed the delegation of nearly 300 legislators and policy experts on the importance of financial literacy, explaining that, “if we can empower families to make smarter, more frugal choices, we will navigate our way back to economic stability and a stronger, healthier workforce.” Chapman described how Frugality Nation uses innovative platforms, including community seminars and individual mentoring programs, to educate and help American middle class families, “explore and transform their relationship with money.”

Joining Chapman to speak on financial literacy were Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (IL), Christine Romans, host of CNN’s Your $ $ $ $ $ , David Walker, President & CEO of Comback America, and Jenna Keehnen, the executive director of USOBA. The combination of speakers helped paint the broad picture surrounding the issue. Promoting sound financial literacy practices will encourage people to engage in smart spending, resulting in an upwards economy. Responsible spending and money management in individual households directly influences the health of the nation’s financial system.

Joanne Garneau, founder of Frugality Nation and CEO of Nationwide Support Services, is excited to see financial literacy on the national agenda, saying, “The fact that the NFWL has recognized the emerging national movement towards financial literacy is a strong start towards addressing this systemic problem.” Garneau, Chapman, and Frugality Nation will continue to foster this movement, raising awareness about the local, state and national implications of financial literacy in the American household.

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