Concrete Roof Tile Business Opportunity Provides Excellent Income Potential!

Concrete Roof Tile Business Opportunity Provides Excellent Income Potential!
By Randy Wilson
Concrete Roof Tile Business:During the 2004 summer season, storms plagued the United States. Damages from the Hurricanes in Florida alone sent resources in the southern states scrambling. The shortage of qualified roofing professionals and supplies were felt immediately. Roofers from all over the United States began hunting down supplies and heading south. There were also many people who saw a roofing business opportunity and invested in roof tile businesses. Concrete roof tile has gone through some evolution over the years. Initially, the tiles were large, like sheets of corrugated roofing. The composition for the size did not hold up well, and lasted only about ten years. When the tiles were made smaller, it was found that the roof tiles held up twenty plus years and were tougher than the larger sheets. Another benefit of concrete roof tile is the ability to stain them, giving them the aesthetic flexibility that consumers want. Their durability and ease of installation are both benefits. Concrete roofing tiles provide great protection from heavy rain, hot sun, and strength. You can also be assured there is little risk of your tiles blowing off in high winds. The tiles size and composition are resistant to breakage as well. Concrete roofing tile can be produced with a small shop and small investment. This is an industry that is being used all over the world. Typical start up costs, not including land and buildings, can cost around one thousand dollars. Equipment can be purchased from hardware and concrete shops locally, or online. Supplies and mixes can be obtained the same way. There are typically two types of concrete roofing tile, both of which will require some learned skill to produce effectively. The first type is the fiber reinforced concrete tile. As the name implies, tiles are reinforced with sisal or coir fibers. The second type of tile is made with no fibers at all. These are known as micro-concrete roofing tiles. Quality control will be an important issue when producing roofing tiles. Micro-concrete roofing tiles will require a great deal of care and precision during the entire process of production or sub standard tiles will be produced. The standards for fiber-reinforced tiles can be produced with slightly less rigorous attention to detail, but you still want a good quality tile to make it to the roofer who buys them. Equipment requirements are actually minimal, but should be selected carefully for quality. A tile vibrator machine, moulds, plastic sheets, batching boxes, a water curing tank, and a table to work on are about the essentials. Your supplies should include sand, water, and cement. The sand should be of the best quality, having a regular grain-size grading. Make sure that the grain size is not too silty, as this will provide sub standard tiles. Once you learn the techniques of producing good quality tile, you will be able to market your tile to local roofers and hardware stores. Working on your sales pitch will be important, especially defining the benefits of concrete roofing tile. The benefits of concrete tile are easy to explain and should make for a great sales pitch to perspective clientele. Concrete roof tile production can also lead to concrete roof tile repair. If you have roofing experience, you will be ahead of the game. Installing concrete roofing tile is no more difficult than most other roofing materials. Always have extra tiles on hand to be able to assist with repair jobs. A concrete roof tile business is ideal for someone willing to make the educational investment. Most of the time involved will be in learning to produce good quality tile. Once you have established your techniques, you should have no trouble in selling your tiles on the roofing market! Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.
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Student Aid Centers Invites Students, Parents and Graduates to Launch of New Website

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 16, 2007

With rising tuition costs in both private and state colleges and universities, students and their families rely on funding for education. However, not all collegiate funding — nor all student aid lenders — are created equally. Trust is essential when applying for a student loan or student loan consolidation.

Student Aid Centers is not like other websites that are focused on just convincing you to apply for a student loan. The website was created to help parents, college students and graduates find the right loan for them. It was also created to help graduates consolidate their private and federal student loans so they can afford to pay them off.

Student Aid Centers focuses on students’ development during academic years and career placement after graduation, continuing to educate them in critical life objectives and requirements typically in areas not offered as course material in school.

This unique student loan website also offers study materials, tutorials, interview tips, resume writing tips, school searches, scholarship searches, entrance and exit counseling and more to educate its visitors. Now, parents, students and graduates find all the resources that are available to them under one roof, making the professional guidance and tools offered by Student Aid Centers and their representatives exceptional in its marketplace.

One compelling reason borrowers are turning to programs offered by Student Aid Centers are the cash back and rebate incentives, along with rate and principal reduction programs not offered by direct loans provided by federal agencies and many traditional sources of funding.

The ease of applying for loans along with approvals within just minutes, no out-of-pocket cost or prepayment penalties, and repayment terms up to a flexible 30 years and high borrowing limits, keeps borrowers coming back to consolidate their student loans.

In addition to that, Student Aid Centers helps graduate students find funding and loan consolidation options tailored specifically to their courses of study — from business to law to medical students and graduates. Students — both undergraduate and graduate — as well as their parents can discover the information that they need to determine whether or not consolidating student loans would benefit them.

Student loan consolidation enables borrowers to control their student debt. With student loan consolidation, all previously borrowed student loans will be combined. A single payment, therefore, will be all that is required each month, and flexible payment plans are available — payment plans that enable graduated students to repay their students loans and be able to meet other financial obligations.

Student Aid Centers addresses questions and concerns relating to student aid and student loan consolidation.

Student Aid, “The Trusted Resource for Academic and Career Advancement” ™ is a national leading organization providing student aid resources and information to students, graduates, parents and schools. To learn more about Student Aid Centers and the financing that they make available, visit


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Object and The Echo Urge People to Throw Down at Lady Party 911, Sept. 11, 2007; Over-the-Top Hip-Hop Trio Yo Majesty Expected to Raise Roof, Female Consciousness

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2007

OBJECT, a fresh female forum bent on transcending the side-choosing women’s politics of yore, and The Echo welcome all to Lady Party 911, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, at the Echoplex. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; The Conversation (see below) starts at 8:00 sharp. Admission before 8:00 is $ 8.00; admission thereafter is $ 12.00. Tickets are available at the door or through TicketWeb. The Echoplex is located at 1154 Glendale Blvd., between Park Ave. and Scott Ave., in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles (no entry on Sunset Blvd.; valet parking will be available). Lady Party 911 is open to revelers 18 and older.

“We were thrilled by the turnout for our first event and are very excited to build on that momentum with Lady Party 911,” says OBJECT co-founder Lindsey Horvath. “By having music, comedy, speakers and activists, we’re encouraging dialogue on issues like empowerment and sexuality in a way that’s thought-provoking but also fun and entertaining. We guarantee the acts on this bill will get people talking.” Newly formed, with its first chapter in Los Angeles, OBJECT has borrowed the consciousness-raising traditions of the late ’60s to take up The Conversation among women. To learn more about OBJECT and The Conversation, go to

Lady Party 911 will kick into high gear with an onstage incarnation of The Conversation, featuring comediennes Jessi Klein and Jessica Chaffin hosting a debate on the burning issue OBJECT calls “Punishing the Princesses: The Media’s Obsession With Condemning Paris, Lindsay and Britney.” Their guests — sex educator Nina Hartley; Jen Sincero, author of “The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping With Chicks”; and neo-feminist philosopher Tracy McMillan — promise a spirited exchange. The other gals in the joint are encouraged to join in with theories and questions.

Yo Majesty will reign over Lady Party 911 as headliners, bringing their hot booty-bass old-school jams all the way from Tampa, Fla. For those unfamiliar with the trio’s oeuvre, David Jakubiak, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, recently acknowledged their vintage sound but also offered: “Shon B., Shunda K. and Jwl B. also bring it fully 21st century, with hyper-sexualized lyrics, a stage show that has been known to feature Jwl B. losing her top and lyric hooks that would rattle even the least prudish among the audience.”

Yo Majesty will hit the stage at 11:00 p.m., after a performance by fashion-forward San Francisco dance-punk queens Von Iva (9:30 p.m.), who are scheduled to celebrate the release of their new album, Our Own Island. Ferocity will be further fomented be Five Activists in Five Minutes – including a representative of Code Pink, the women-initiated grassroots peace and social-justice movement – and Lady Party mainstay DJ SparklePony.

Lady Party 911 attendees are expected to be a highly diverse, deeply opinionated lot. Men will be ushered in with love and respect, though OBJECT’s regular meetings are open only to women.

OBJECT coalesced in the spring of 2007 after its founding members objected to billboards promoting the film “Captivity” that presented graphic depictions of violence against women. The subsequent removal of the offensive images provided a lightbulb moment, reminding OBJECT’s initial objectors that they have the power to effect positive change. It also suggested that this power could be realized by other women and used for further good. The next step was The Conversation.

The Conversation is a safe space in which all women and girls are invited to explore the many and varied meanings of female identity and empowerment. Through The Conversation, we are committed to sharing perspectives, breaking barriers and striving for understanding. We believe in the art of conversation and that all OBJECT’s participants are artists. We trust in conversation for conversation’s sake. There are no stupid questions or wrong answers. There are no taboos. There is no judgment. There is only our mutual growth in the hothouse of open communication.

OBJECT’s participants, who meet casually once a month to have The Conversation, are writers, teachers, producers, activists, mothers, actors, publicists, students, visual artists, entertainment executives and achievers in other fields representing a broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

OBJECT: It’s how you say it.

Yo Majesty:

Von Iva:

Jen Sincero:

Tracy McMillan:

Jessi Klein:

Jessica Chaffin:

Code Pink:


New Social Buying Network Breaks All Growth Pre-Launch Records

Tampa, Fla. (PRWEB) July 24, 2008, the world’s first example of a social network combining with an affinity group, gained over 10,000 members in its first 5 days of operation during its pre-launch which just began. The fast growth of this site is attributed to its “One Click” affiliate builder system that makes it possible for anyone to build a large personal buying network–called a “Grapevine”. Word of mouth promotion is still the most effective means of advertising as everyone knows. ( has coupled this fact with the power of internet social networks to develop a truly explosive viral marketing system. was established because of several clear internet trends now becoming evident to national research groups such as Pew Internet research which recently reported that:

81% of all internet users do research on the internet before making an online purchase.
43% of internet users report significant frustration in finding adequate information about certain offers.
66% of Internet users have purchased products online but a large percentage is concerned about the security of buying.
Online shopping grew 500% from 2000 to 2007 exceeding 125 billion dollars in annual sales. has placed hundreds of major consumer and B2B companies under one internet roof so that potential customers can easily locate any type of product or service imaginable. The system also pays people to recommend other people to use the site. This is known as “building one’s Grapevine”. Within the next seven days, a breakthrough in consumer offer review and voting will go live on the site as well.

With the cost of living going up, millions of American families are also searching for additional sources of income without having the heads of households of the family having to take on a second job. With an individual can easily build a Grapevine of friends, families and associates using’s unique “One Click” system to build a huge personal network of shoppers. has estimated that each Grapevine household could generate up to $ 1750 in annual site commissions for an associate (similar to an affiliate). Using the “One Click” system an associate could easily gain 50 to 100 households in their Grapevine in a few short weeks. has strategically launched this site to take advantage of the upcoming Christmas shopping season and expects to have over 200,000 members by the end of the summer. has been established and will be managed by Intouch Marketing, Inc., an online marketing company based in Florida.

To Learn More Contact:

Bob Cefail,


InTouch Marketing

727 403 6612

About In Touch Marketing:

In Touch Marketing ( is an online marketing firm which specializes in generating website visitors, leads and customers for its business clients using a combination of advertising and publicity systems. In Touch Marketing employs online market research to dramatically increase the effectiveness of search engine advertising, publicity and traditional advertising.


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