Seadrift Residence is a Zero-Energy Home With Natural, Stylish Features

Seadrift Home

This Seadrift Residence home by CCS Architecture in San Francisco may not look out of the ordinary for a modern lakehouse, but this sleek and stylish 1,900 square foot home is as environmentally friendly as it is stylish.

The middle of the living space consists of a rotating fire orb that is designed to distribute warmth equally throughout the room. The generous amount of wood throughout the home gives a natural, inviting look while providing plenty of natural insulation.

Seadrift Home Internal

Some of the environmental benefits of this home include the photovoltaic roof that provides solar energy, smart heating technology that reduces energy consumption, efficient lighting fixtures that are still aesthetically pleasing, and an innovative low-flow water management system. All of these features turn the Seadrift Residence into a zero-energy home that does not sacrifice the environment for style.

For more photos and information on the architects of this beautiful beach home in Stinson Beach, California, visit

Seadrift Home External

Seadrift Home Internal

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Empowerhome – The Sustainable Net-Zero Home of the Future

Empowerhome - The Sustainable Net-Zero Home of the Future

The Empowerhouse, a home that produces all of its own energy, has just been built in a Washington D.C. neighborhood. It was designed by students at the New School and Stevens Institute of Technology as part of a Solar Decathlon design competition, which partnered with the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development. This made one of the competition’s homes a reality for the first time ever.

This “net-zero” home consists of a bright, bold exterior, with an interior built out of recycled materials and receives plenty of natural light. The exterior contains stormwater management systems that help control heavy runoff impacting polluted rivers. Each unit has a terrace with a green roof and small agriculture plot, with a rain garden in the rear that captures rainwater escaping from the roof gardens. There is also an underground cistern that collects rainwater and uses it to water the property.

Empowerhome - The Sustainable Net-Zero Home of the Future

The parking space is made of permeable pavers, allowing stormwater to sink into the soil. It is also placed on D.C.’s first residential green street, which contains a trough full of dirt and plants that soak up street runoff and absorb oily pollutants.

Empowerhome - The Sustainable Net-Zero Home of the Future

The house is a shining example of how sustainable, affordable housing is possible, even in inner-city neighborhoods. Now that Habitat for Humanity is involved as well, it is likely that more of these homes will be popping up around the country.

Assemble Your Tiny Home Faster Than IKEA Furniture with AbleNook

AbleNook Mini Modular House Outdoors

Imagine that you could assemble your home in a matter of hours, as easily as you put together a desk that you bought from IKEA. Imagine that it dissembled more easily than the IKEA desk so that you could take it anywhere, even the harshest of environments.

More sturdy than a trailer, with a more beautiful architectural aesthetic, the AbleNook expandable portable dwelling is a tiny home design that is looking for your help to become a reality for disaster victims, military families, and lovers of sustainable living around the world.

The AbleNook concept shelter is billed as “a rapidly deployable portable structure” of interlocking components that can be put together without tools by just about anyone. Components arrive in a flat-pack box to reduce waste and transportation costs.

Team AbleNook began as part of a summer independent study project and has evolved into a desire to revolutionize dwelling manufacture, deployment, and inhabitation.

Supported by the University of South Florida’s Division of Patents and Licensing, they have filed for a patent on the technology and procured a grant to construct the prototype.

AbleNook Mini Houses Modular Home Solar Roof

Built out, the single module prototype is 20 feet long, 13 feet high, and has a 10 foot high ceiling. It packs into a 4x8x6 cube container.

Able Nook Mini Modular House

The AbleNook project, headed up by Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. As of this writing, they have received pledges totaling over 15% of their $60,000 goal. You can back this project with a $1 minimum pledge before Monday, February 4 at 2:52 p.m. EST.

AbleNook Mini Houses Modular Setup Details

AbleNook Mini Houses Details

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Follow this link: Assemble Your Tiny Home Faster Than IKEA Furniture with AbleNook

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Eco Cottages Offers Smart, Energy Efficient Cabins and Guest Homes

Since 1959, Nationwide Homes has been building Eco-Cottages in 14 states along the southeast part of the U.S. The simple modular designs range from 250 to 513 square feet, with one bathroom in each design and up to one separate bedroom in the larger cottages. The pre-fabricated designs offer a sustainable option for hunting cabins, private guest houses, or separate work studios located right outside your home.

Some of the standard eco features include a tankless hot water system, LP Smart Siding, HD laminate countertops, and a PEX Supply plumbing system. A few of the personalized eco features include hardwood, laminate, or bamboo flooring at $7.00 – $7.25 per square foot, flood lights for added security at $44 each, a total home protection system with generator backup for $8,000 – $9,000, thin-film solar installation, Glass Tech windows, and a Bose audio system if you plan to use the space for guests or entertainment.

The compact, minimalist design offers plenty of natural light, making it a great space in all environments that is self-sustaining, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-efficient.

If you’re interested in an Eco-Cottage, you can find more information on how to get started at, or by contacting the company directly at 1-800-216-7001.

Images via

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Sustainable and Portable Living in The Tricycle House

Imagine that you live in a country where you can’t own land or property and all of your housing options are temporary, if you have a home at all. You just might think this Tricycle House is your perfect solution to a dwelling conundrum.

Part of the 2012 Get it Louder Exhibition and designed by the People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and the People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) in China, the Tricycle House is portable and can be configured with numerous options.

Constructed of translucent polypropylene plastic using a CNC router, it retains its strength during folding such that it can open up and expand for increased space and connection to other units.

Optional interior facilities include a kitchen with sink and stove, bathroom with washing tub, living areas with storage and transformable furniture, a water tank, and an outdoor garden.

Imagine affordable, sustainable living, off the grid in an urban environment or in the country, where your home goes where you go. Do you think that you could adapt to this kind of living environment?

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Shipping Containers used in Multi Family Home Build

Shipping Container Home

Shipping Containers will be used in a luxury multifamily home build; the site of construction is located in Detroit and will start in early 2013. Recycling 93 Shipping containers, this project is thought to be the first in the US and the hope is to easily replicate the build.

Three Squared Inc (environmental consulting firm)  is the company behind the Rosa Parks condo project and it was designed by local architect Steven Flum. The containers will be converted and stacked to make a 4 story dwelling which will make 20 separate liveable units, each with ducted reverse cycle air and tankless water heating. The actual construction time per unit and cost efficiencies make this project attractive, though the total costs will be a test as to the feasibility of future multifamily container home projects.

This is an interesting project, as it will offer a significant price reduction on singular dwelling container home projects. We will follow this closely and keep you updated on the progress when more information is released.

Timber Homes and Their Advantages

When choosing your next home don’t look past the simple timber construction, with all the latest modern building materials and building techniques on the market it is often an overlooked choice of an all timber home. Timer is extremely versatile and has unparalleled eco properties, with the total environmental impact of production being much less that steel or concrete.

Timer homes that are made from re-grown trees are a great example of sustainable building resources, and when built the insulation properties of the correct timer will allow you to retain heat keeping you several degrees warmer than with other materials.

Timber Homes and their eco properties

With no restrictions on the size of the build it is only limited by your budget and imagination. It is extremely flexible material that can be fabricated to any build, a timber house that is well built will be strong and long lasting, even outlasting seemingly stronger and more modern materials, this along with an added advantage of easy modification if you decide to extend or add features.

  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Flexible in build and modification
  • Low environmental impact
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Regarding a Transition at Jetson Green

I’m writing with mixed emotions to announce a transition at Jetson Green. Jetson Green, LLC has closed the sale of this website ( together with related assets, lists, profiles, etc), and I will focus on family and other endeavors. I still have a couple/few articles that will be published, but you’ll see a lot less of me and more of the new owners and editorial management in the coming days.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your readership over the years.

I’ve come to know many readers and companies, and it’s been an absolute blast. This site started as an MBA project, and I guess I never saw myself becoming a publisher like this. With pursuits during the day as a transactional attorney and a growing site, in the last couple years I took on a pace that was completely unsustainable.

While I will not be with you here at Jetson Green, I’ll always be with you in my passion for green homes, sustainable prefab, natural materials, and green technology. I don’t know all the answers, but I think stuff is a critical aspect of our daily existence. Perhaps we’ll cross paths again in the future.

If you know me, though, you know I want to keep things short. I’m excited to see Jetson Green in new hands and hopeful for its future. I wish you a happy holiday season and nothing but the best. Should you need to contact me for anything, I’m at

With appreciation for more than six awesome years of publishing!

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MeterPlug Helps Save Money and Energy

Here’s a neat piece of pre-production technology called MeterPlug.  MeterPlug measures electricity consumption by plugging in between any appliance and the AC outlet.  The smart plug uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send data to your smartphone and enable features like proximity control, manual on/off, and vampire power shield.  In other words, with a range of about 100 feet and a smartphone, it’s easy to shut down appliances or calculate the costs of standby power.  Each plug is a little expensive right now, but if you want to try MeterPlug, you can pledge support at Indiegogo.

[+] More about MeterPlug smart plugs via Indiegogo.

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Wood Fiber Insulation Arrives in the USA

Looks like wood-fiber insulation board is coming to the USA, according to a Greenbuild update on Green Building Advisor.  Agepan THD is the name of the product and it’s used as exterior sheathing for walls and roofs.  Agepan boards connect in tongue and groove fashion and insulate to R-5.74 per panel (2″ x 74.5″ x 23-5/8″).  The material has a high permeability (18 U.S. perms) and can be used in a wall assembly to dry to the exterior.  It’s offered through Washington-based The Small Planet Workshop Store.

[+] More about Agepan THD wood-fiber insulation board.

Credits: The Small Planet Workshop Store.

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Excerpt from: Wood Fiber Insulation Arrives in the USA