Frugality Nation Foundation Promotes Financial Literacy at the 72nd Annual National Foundation for Women Legislators Conference

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 3, 2010

The most prominent and influential female legislators from across the nation came together November 18-22, 2010 in Orlando, Florida for the 72nd Annual National Foundation for Women Legislators conference. During the conference, legislators and issue specialists discussed and developed strategies regarding the highest priority public policy issues facing American society. Among the issues visited were financial literacy and the financial strength of the average American household.

Speaking directly to the heart of the issue was Malia Chapman, Executive Director of the Frugality Nation Foundation, a national non-profit foundation based in Irvine, CA. Chapman is a passionate advocate for financial literacy. She has observed firsthand how basic financial knowledge, awareness and consciousness can significantly affect an individual or family’s relationship with money and overall lifestyle. Frugality Nation is helping lead the initiative to build a national movement focused on empowering Americans with the financial know-how needed to navigate through today’s complex maze of financial jargon and the pressures of consumerism.

Chapman addressed the delegation of nearly 300 legislators and policy experts on the importance of financial literacy, explaining that, “if we can empower families to make smarter, more frugal choices, we will navigate our way back to economic stability and a stronger, healthier workforce.” Chapman described how Frugality Nation uses innovative platforms, including community seminars and individual mentoring programs, to educate and help American middle class families, “explore and transform their relationship with money.”

Joining Chapman to speak on financial literacy were Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (IL), Christine Romans, host of CNN’s Your $ $ $ $ $ , David Walker, President & CEO of Comback America, and Jenna Keehnen, the executive director of USOBA. The combination of speakers helped paint the broad picture surrounding the issue. Promoting sound financial literacy practices will encourage people to engage in smart spending, resulting in an upwards economy. Responsible spending and money management in individual households directly influences the health of the nation’s financial system.

Joanne Garneau, founder of Frugality Nation and CEO of Nationwide Support Services, is excited to see financial literacy on the national agenda, saying, “The fact that the NFWL has recognized the emerging national movement towards financial literacy is a strong start towards addressing this systemic problem.” Garneau, Chapman, and Frugality Nation will continue to foster this movement, raising awareness about the local, state and national implications of financial literacy in the American household.

# # #

Today’s Boomers Bust Myths About Senior Lifestyles: Full of Life, Well-Connected Online, Looking to Reinvent Themselves, According to Survey From Trilogy By Shea Homes

Scottsdale, AZ (Vocus/PRWEB) December 16, 2010

Challenging myths about senior lifestyles, today’s baby boomers are full of life and say retirement is a time to reinvent and discover themselves, according to findings from a survey conducted by Trilogy by Shea Homes, a leading developer of high-end resort communities, offering a new choice in active living to the baby boomer generation. Data collected from Trilogy’s survey indicates that today, boomers are not only focused on connecting with others and staying near loved ones, but also on making a difference.

For instance, social media is not just solely a “Millennial” phenomenon; “boomers” say they prefer collecting friends on social networks just as much as they do recipes – and even rank it slightly higher (37.28%) than collecting pictures of the grandkids (33.64%). In fact, over 85% of 55+ adults came to the survey from Trilogy’s Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. And boomers are especially committed to their loved ones. When deciding where to live next, they ranked being within driving distance of family and friends as the most important factor, followed closely by desires to create a balanced lifestyle and being more active.

These are just a few of the findings from over 2,000 boomers who took Trilogy’s interactive retirement survey. The survey, found at, gives 55+ adults an opportunity to learn more about themselves with retirement in mind–with questions on priorities, surroundings and personal goals–while also offering a deeper, more accurate, glimpse into the lives of the boomer generation today.

The survey collected interesting findings on several facets of boomer retirement:

The majority of boomers say retirement is not an end phase, but rather, a new and exciting chapter of life. 51.37% say it’s a time for re-invention and self-discovery, followed by different than it used to be (15.14%), playtime (8.12%), over-rated (5.77%), an opportunity to give-back (5.77%), over-due (5.38%), obsolete (4.32%), and a chance to work from home (3.08%).

Boomers are out to make a difference. 23.93% say their church, synagogue or place of worship is their favorite cause, followed closely by environmental and animal causes with 23.59%.

When asked what they collect, they weren’t thinking of trinkets. 53.58% say it’s family memories, followed by recipes (38.68%), Facebook friends (37.39%) and pictures of their grandkids (33.73%).

Boomers look forward to traveling (58.82%), having a balanced lifestyle (50.89%), being more active (46.18%), and having more “me” time (45.94%) in retirement – in that order. Pursuing new interests and hobbies (42.82%), living near people with similar interests (35.94%), having lots of activities to choose from (35.08%), and spending less time spent in rush hour (27.34%) ranked next.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a mind-body balance, engaging in healthy relationships and continually learning were ranked most important.

“Today’s boomers are still very active, adventurous and connected, as our survey suggests. They want to travel and enjoy family and friends and are a vibrant part of the community,” said Hal Looney, area president of Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities. “Understanding and addressing the needs and desires of boomers has been integral to our offerings since Shea Active Lifestyle Communities began 11 years ago, with a vision of creating a new active lifestyle environment for a generation of people looking to redefine this stage in life. This survey confirms that boomers are still making a big impact today.”

Trilogy’s active lifestyle communities in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington offer quality designed homes in forward-thinking, master-planned communities amid stunning architecture meant to help Baby Boomers truly experience the best in life. Complete with diverse amenities like world-class resort clubs, distinctive restaurants, pools, athletic clubs, day spas, business centers, championship golf courses, tennis courts, scheduled events and more, the lifestyle at Trilogy is made for the dynamic, well-balanced boomer.

Those considering this new breed of retirement living can take a test drive with up to four days and three nights’ accommodations, championship golf or relaxation at a luxurious spa, unlimited access to five-star resort clubs, pools, athletic clubs and the ability to dine at fabulous on-site cafes, bistros and restaurants.

For more information on Shea Homes active lifestyle communities visit or call (800) 685-6494. For more details on the survey, please visit

About Trilogy by Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities

Trilogy communities are high-end resort communities offering a new choice in active living to those looking for an exciting lifestyle that revolves around wellness, exploration, freedom, and close personal connections. Architectural product design and amenities reflect the changing needs of the baby boom generation, including lifestyle-inspired floor plans, world-class clubs and a diverse range of recreation options. Today, Shea Active Lifestyle Communities has 11 communities actively selling including the just recently opened Shea Homes at Ardiente in North Las Vegas, Shea Homes at Jubilee in Lacey, Washington on the Puget Sound, and Trilogy in Groveland, near Orlando. More information is available by visiting or calling (800) 685-6494.

About J.F. Shea Company

For more than 125 years, members of the Shea family and their companies have accomplished many extraordinary milestones including work on the foundation of the landmark Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay Area’s Rapid Transit System (BART) and managing the construction of the Hoover Dam. Shea Homes introduced its Trilogy brand to the market in 1999 as the centerpiece of its Active Lifestyle Communities division. More information is available by visiting


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EarthCam Announces The World’s “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2010”

Hackensack, NJ (Vocus) December 22, 2010

EarthCam, the world’s premiere webcam network since 1996 has announced its 12th annual list of the world’s “25 Most Interesting Webcams.”

The wide-range of 2010 honors were awarded to webcams from well-know landmarks such as Abbey Road and Hollywood Boulevard to puppies, firefoxes, hummingbirds and sea monkeys. Some quiet corners of the world like Brucken (Germany) have intriguing cameras while beaches are represented this year as awards went to webcams in Hawaii and Thailand. ‘Breathtaking’ is the best word to describe a few winners: the AuroraMAX Live camera in Canada, the cityscape webcam in Zurich, Switzerland and the Naples and Vesuvio webcam in Italy. But a couple of the more off-beat webcams chalked up votes; the NASA Curiosity Cam in California and “Rich Da Barber” in Virginia. To look at all of the “25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2010” please visit

“We at EarthCam are pleased to honor our winners for their creativity, wide-range use of live webcam technology and their ability to entertain and educate millions,” said Brian Cury, Founder and CEO of EarthCam. “For the first time we have multiple HD camera winners from across the globe, raising the quality of the video significantly. These winning cameras are a perfect cross-section of the worldwide webcams. They make it possible for viewers to travel virtually not only to extraordinary sites around the globe that they may never get the chance to visit but also to a simple backyard or a home of a person they may never meet. These webcams, no matter their size, have the ability to create bonds and relationships between the viewers and the camera subjects whether they are used for entertainment or solid commercial applications.”

Throughout 2010, EarthCam producers viewed thousands of webcam sites then selected more than 100 semi-finalists. The EarthCam panel of VIP judges then chose the top 25 based on criteria of concept, creativity, technology, visual quality and design.

The 2010 VIP judges include Barry Josephson, Executive Producer of Bones (TV series) and Producer of the feature movie Life as We Know It; Tyler Slocum, Vice President DIRECTV Advanced Services; King Laughlin, Vice President National Park Foundation’s Flight 93 Memorial; Cindy Lovell, Executive Director Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum; Jennifer Lenhart-Belawski, Broadcast Technology and Services Manager Orlando Magic and 2009 25 Most Interesting Webcams winners Karen Jeffries, Public Relations Manager Monterey Bay Aquarium and Marcus Margerum, Vice President of Marketing & Sales Zoo Atlanta.

EarthCam is the global leader in webcam technology and software. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides live streaming video and megapixel cameras, along with complete managed services for consumers and corporate clients in more than 1,500 cities throughout all 50 states and 46 countries. The company’s expertise includes developing technology to manage camera networks and delivering millions of images daily to over 290 countries. EarthCam holds the expertise and knowledge to offer consumers the ability to view, create and share webcam content at anytime and in any location in the world. Clients include Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Clear Channel Communications, PBS, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, CNN, Major League Baseball, NFL, This Old House, Coca-Cola, Sprint, Volkswagen, GE and National Geographic.

For the complete list of the 25 Most Interesting Webcams, please visit

Visit EarthCam at


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Nationally Acclaimed Chalk Artist Jennifer Chaparro to be Featured at Two South Florida Festivals

Stuart, FL (PRWEB) January 9, 2011

The Jupiter Jubilee and the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival will feature the work of award winning and nationally acclaimed chalk artist Jennifer Chaparro. The Palm Beach County artist most recently captured awards at the ArtHaus in Port Orange, Florida and also at the Disney/ Florida Chalk Artist’s Association Festival of the Masters, held at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. The Port Orange win was Chaparro’s second year in a row with an award. The Jupiter Jubilee is in it’s tenth year and will be held on February 5, 2011 from 10am to 5pm at the Jupiter Community Center. Chaparro’s piece will be a 3D “Greetings from Jupiter” interactive postcard, that visitors can sit on and have their picture taken in the postcard. More information about the event is at

The annual Lake Worth event is February 26 & 27, 2011 on Lake & Lucerne Avenues from 9am – 5pm. This is the 17th year for the event, which is one of the largest street painting festivals in the United States and the world. More information about the festival can be found at Chaparro also participated in the first International Chalk Event in Sarasota in October.

Chaparro is best known for her award winning technique of using soft pastel chalk on asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces. “The size and vibrancy of my art makes it hard to miss and creates the ‘wow factor’ for everyone who views it,” said Chaparro. The scale of her work, in sizes up to 12-feet by 12-feet creates an intimacy that brings the public into the artwork she has created.

Most pieces take one to three days to complete. “Many people who watch me work compare what they are witnessing to a monarch butterfly migration – temporary & fleeting yet spectacular & amazing to witness,” added Chaparro. What makes Jennifer’s work unusual is that the large works of art are washed completely away after each event.

Chaparro’s philosophy is that street painting is as much about the performance and execution, as it is about the art. “The immediacy and challenges of the ‘canvas’ (which is often a sidewalk or asphalt street) and the weather, make each piece special and unique,” noted Chaparro.

Chaparro recently received her “Qualificato Certification” from the Florida Chalk Artist’s Association (FCAA). The FCAA has three levels of competency, similar to European Street Painters. FCAA members must demonstrate their expertise through winning awards and showing a portfolio of competence in a variety of artistic categories. The three levels recognized are Semplice, Qualificato & Maestre. Chaparro is currently striving for her “Maestre Certification”.

Chaparro has won many awards for her special artistic style including:

The Rocturnals Release Debut Album “The Life” January 11, 2011 through Black Casino Music & Entertainment

Las Vegas, NV (Vocus/PRWEB) January 11, 2011

The Rocturnals will release their debut album “The Life” on January 11, 2011 through Black Casino Music & Entertainment, LLC. “The Life” is an intense look into the life of a rock star, which musically reveals the joys and pains of the rock bands’ lifestyle.

The Rocturnals, formerly known as KansasCali, first built a name for themselves by producing music for iconic artists and noteworthy motion picture soundtracks. Their hit song “If I…” was featured on the soundtrack for the 2004 Oscar winning film Crash (Crash: Music From & Inspired by Crash) and was chosen as the featured single over the Oscar nominated song “In the Deep.” The band was asked to create a music video for “If I…” exclusively for the special features section of the film’s DVD that went on to sell over 10 million units.

Next, the band worked on the major motion picture soundtrack for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” providing the song, “If I Never See You Again.” With the success of these two blockbuster movie soundtracks, additional opportunities followed, including providing music for the Orlando Bloom film “Haven” (2006), Jamie Kennedy’s “Kickin It Old School” (2007), NBA Theme “This Is Where Amazing Happens” that debuted on TNT at the 2010 NBA ALL-Star weekend and ESPN’s “Once In A Lifetime” (2006).

The Las Vegas based band, The Rocturnals, consists of five members: lead vocalist, A. “Pittboss” Johnson; lead vocalist/ rapper, Aulsondro “Novelist” Hamilton; drummer, E. Borders; lead guitarist, Trist; and guitarist, Adam Crow. Together, they have created a new musical movement they’ve dubbed “Urban Rock,” a combination of funk rock, alternative rock with soulful overtones, hip-hop aggression and R&B melodies.

Collectively, the band has produced music for iconic artists such as: 2Pac, Thugz Mansion (acoustic version), Better Dayz, Nas, God’s Son. They also contributed the song “Pop Life” exclusively for the album Doctor Fink Presents: A Tribute to Prince. The Rocturnals have been featured on over 20 records for various artists throughout their career.

“The Life” will be released exclusively to online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody, to name a few. In addition to being able to purchase the songs individually, fans will have the option to purchase the 20-song album for one low price, a new format The Rocturnals have named Digital Long Play (DLP).

To preview “The Life” on iTunes, please click here.

Booking agents & venues

For additional news and information, please visit:

For media inquiries and bookings, please contact Justin Leigh and or David Frangioni at RocMgmt (at) gmail (dot) com

About BFM Digital, Inc.

BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM’s digital store partners.


“A Life Changing Experience – Follow the footsteps of Jesus” offered by

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 12, 2011

2010 was a Record Year in Tourism to Israel – the Holy Land.

3.45 million visitors explored Israel in 2010 – 14% more than the previous record two years ago. 66% of the tourists arriving to Israel stated that the purpose of their trip was a pilgrimage, or an excursion. Most of the visitors were Evangelical Christians and Jews. Some 625,000 Americans visited Israel the previous year, more than any other country in the world.

“Nowadays, it is Safer, Easier, and Cheaper to travel to Israel than ever before!” says Moshe Atiya, co-founder of WhereJesusWalked ( .

“Almost every Christian is dreaming about visiting Israel, to get a better understanding of the roots of Christianity. There are many travel websites on the internet, but usually they cover Israel like it was just another country, and disregard the spiritual and religious aspects. We wanted to provide Christians a place where they could find all the information they need for planning their tour to the Holy Land, in a way that will allow them to achieve their desired leap in their spiritual walk. This is the reason was founded, and the reason we get such great feedback and “thank-you” letters every day since it’s online”. is run and maintained by believers for the benefit of both those who have heard the effective call of God and those who have yet to hear it. Its aim is to present believers the main stops in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. As well as to encourage them to visit these places so they will be able to make a tremendous progress in their spiritual walk, like millions of other Christians who come to the Holy Land every year.

In Where Jesus Walked you will find all the information you need for your spiritual travel in Israel: Sightseeing, Pictures, Testimonials, Travel tips, Suggested Itineraries, Recommended tour operators, Archeological evidence for Christianity, Video blog and much more. It is an informative, well written, reliable and inspiring Website.

“We get many letters from Christians who have just got back home from their tour in Israel.”

Moshe continues, “They always describe that tour as a ‘Life Changing Experience’ in their testimonials. They indicate that they now feel closer than ever to Jesus and have a much deeper understanding of the Bible. They say they have many cherished memories from this spiritual travel, which makes the Bible ‘come alive’ when reading.”

Taken from an article about the “Mount of Olives, Jerusalem”:

“…At the bottom of the slope of the Mt. of Olives opposite the Temple Mount stands the Garden of Gethsemane. Here Jesus was meditating, praying, and resting each evening, when weary and harassed by the labors and trials of the day (Luke 21:37). In fact because of the close connection between this place and the devotional life of the savior, it is difficult to read of it or to actually experience being here, without feeling its deep significance and a strong affection. It was here that Jesus…”

Read the full article only on

About WhereJesusWalked

Founded in 2010 by Moshe Atiya, former CEO of the “Touristic Development of the Galilee Association”, WhereJesusWalked is a dynamic Christian website dedicated to help believers in their spiritual walk, by introducing them to the “Life Changing Experience” – which is literally walking Where Jesus Walked.


Babies Learn to Read While Being Read to with the New Monkisee “See and Say Story” Books

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 20, 2011

Now parents can actually teach their babies and young children 3 and under to read while being read to using the new MonkiSee “See and Say Story” books from Intellectual Baby. Parents are continually being told to read to their children because the benefits of reading to babies and young children are many, including parent-child bonding, increased vocabulary and advanced language development. Studies prove that reading to children regularly gives them an advantage in learning to read.

“These books are formatted specifically to teach babies to read,” says creator/developer Krista Guerrero. By keeping the main text and images separated, the child’s attention is naturally directed to the written words. Most books have the images and the words on the same page, and when images compete with words, the pictures always win. By changing the format of the book, babies are able to learn to read in a natural, organic way.

The MonkiSee books are designed in such a way that they familiarize babies with written language, teaching them to read while they are being read to. The MonkiSee books are written in rhyme and include vibrant, bright-colored illustrations with accompanying word labels to reinforce the words being learned.

Know Your Monkey, the first volume, introduces body parts with the loveable Howie and Skip, from the MonkiSee video series. The second volume, Monkeys Like the Color… familiarizes children with the wonderful world of color also with the help of their favorite monkeys, Howie and Skip.

Parents are instructed to point to the words as they read these stories to their babies. These interactive books allow babies to read along while being read to and encourage early literacy. This little change in the way parents read books to their young children dramatically effects a young child’s reading readiness.

About Intellectual Baby

Intellectual Baby is best known for its MonkiSee Baby Reading Program. The MonkiSee line of products is comprised of DVDs, flash cards and books for babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years old.


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Facebook Contest Winner Arlen Nunez Wins a $500 4 Wheel Parts Promo Card

Compton, CA (PRWEB) February 9, 2011

Congratulations to Arlen Nunez, the January 2011 winner of the 4 Wheel Parts Facebook Dream Upgrade Contest. 4 Wheels Parts, America’s largest distributor of off-road parts for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, recently asked their Facebook fans to post pictures of their vehicles, as well as their number one upgrade wish and why they deserve to win. Arlen Nunez was randomly chosen as the final of the three contest winners and she received a $ 500 promo card that will be used towards a dream upgrade for her husband’s truck.

Beginning on the 15th of November, 2010 and continuing for 3 months, 4 Wheels Parts randomly picked and notified the Dream Upgrade Contest winners. Then, the lucky winners were asked to write a few paragraphs for the 4 Wheel Parts blog describing their vehicles, the upgrades, what they would do with the $ 500 promo card, and how it will improve their vehicles/daily lives. Since the contest started last October, over 12,000 Facebook users have friended 4 Wheel Parts.

Arlen Nunez is the last of the three winners of the $ 500 promo card Dream Upgrade Contest on Facebook. She won the contest on behalf of her husband, a family man who works hard and drives harder when off-roading. Mr. Nunez, a self-proclaimed truck lover, enjoys the great feeling that comes with navigating the challenging obstacles so often found when off-roading. He has already upgraded his V8 Toyota Tundra with a Pro Comp 6” lift kit, 20” XD Hoss rims with 33” Nitto tires, and Fab Fours front and rear bumpers. Mr. Nunez already knows what the $ 500 promo card is going to: a set of Pro Comp coil overs.

When asked about the 4 Wheel Parts store and website, Mr. Nunez said, “I think that both the store and the website are great places for the off-road enthusiast and offer great help and service when it comes to making a decision.”

Later in the month of February, 4 Wheels Parts will host its first Truck & Jeep Fest event of 2011 at the San Mateo Expo Center in San Mateo, CA. This event will be followed by 8 more across the nation this year, including Hawaii. Visitors of Jeep & Truck Fest 2011 can experience over 100,000 square feet of custom trucks and Jeeps on exhibit. Manufacturers will be on-site with product demonstrations and over $ 100,000 in aftermarket off road products. Visitors can expect to find some of the lowest prices of the year, special hourly promotional pricing, and installations up to 50% off. There will also be hourly giveaways and several visitors will win free prizes.

Truck & Jeep Fest 2011 Events:

Feb 26-27

Ocean Florida: Walt Disney World Resort Announces Dates for Star Wars Weekends

(PRWeb UK) February 16, 2011

Walt Disney World Resort has announced the dates for its Star Wars Weekends. The event will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May the 20th until June 12th. Ocean Florida, the Florida holiday specialist, is expecting these weekends to be very popular, and they are encouraging their customers to book holiday packages soon if they want to take part in this unique event.

Harry Hastings, director of Ocean Florida, comments on the event: “This is likely to be a very exciting time for the Walt Disney World Resort; the combination of one of the world’s favourite theme parks with this storied film franchise is sure to be a delight for both children and adults.”

The Star Wars Weekends promise to feature a large collection of characters from the hit motion pictures. Limited-edition merchandise and celebrity autographs will be available, while children will also have the chance to participate in trivia challenges and the Jedi Training Academy. Additionally, Walt Disney World Resort has arranged numerous special appearances including one by a member of the original Star Wars cast: Anthony Daniels, the actor who played the droid C3PO.

According to Hastings, families should start making arrangements if they want to attend the event. He states: “Given the quality of the line-up offered by Walt Disney World Resort, this is sure to be a very exciting period of time; we recommend that people make arrangements now on flights and accommodation in order to ensure their place. Our website features a wide array of hotel and villa options and has information on how to best plan a trip here.”

Admission to the event is included with all tickets to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. For more information on the Star Wars Weekends visit, or search Ocean Florida’s website to explore their range of convenient and affordable accommodation near the park.

About Ocean Florida:

Ocean Florida – The UK’s Number 1 Independent Florida Specialist.

Fully bonded by ATOL (number T7270) and the Travel Trust Association (number U0898).

The only UK-based independent Florida Tour Operator to operate an Orlando Welcome and Service centre.

Experts in Florida Themepark, Multi Centre, Luxury, Villa & Condo and Cruise & Stay Holidays.

Part of the Como St Travel Group.