Teragren Grows Strand Bamboo Floor Line

Teragren, one of the largest manufacturers of bamboo materials based in North America, recently expanded the popular Portfolio line of floating, strand bamboo flooring with the addition of “Portfolio Naturals.“  The four new looks — Java, Chestnut, Wheat, and Brindle — have been favorites in other Teragren product lines and expand a Portfolio line that’s quick to install.

Portfolio Naturals are made with a patented, fold-down locking system that installs over a moisture barrier or vapor retarder, depending on the subfloor, and the underlayment in what could be the “easiest to install solid floor on the planet,” according to Teragren.

Also, Teragren president Mike Boshart said the expansion of the Portfolio line is a reflection of the marketplace for stand bamboo product, as compared to traditional bamboo.  “Consumers have gravitated towards a stranded more hardwood-like look,” he said in a statement.

Portfolio Naturals are made in a 5″ plank with an average Janka test reading of 3271.  The flooring is finished with a water-based, solvent-free finish and contributes toward LEED credits as a low-emitting material.  Teragren has more than 4,000 dealers nationwide, in case you are interested in pricing for your project.

[+] More about wide-plank Portfolio Naturals by Teragren.

Photo credit: © 2012 Teragren LLC.

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Light 12-Glazed Window on the Horizon

In the USA, most windows are probably single- or double-glazed and some builders will use triple-glazed windows for Passive House and other high-performance homes.  But in Hanover, Germany, a 12-glazed window prototype by Mariusz Paszkowski and Antoni Kostka was the star of the recent International Passive House Conference, according to Der Standard.  Check out these windows with aerogel!

The two scientists, in conjunction with SUPERWINDOWS, showcased INVIS160stack and INVIS160tweed, and both of the prototypes are about 160 mm thick, though they weigh no more than a double- or triple-glazed window unit.

INVIS160stack (above) is an insulated glass unit with two external glass panes that sandwich 10 layers of specially coated film without materially compromising visibility.  The inventive window makes it possible to achieve European U-values of 0.15 W/m2K, or the U.S. equivalent of R38 (R = 1/(.15/5.678)).

INVIS160tweed (below) is similar to INVIS160stack except that what’s sandwiched between two glass panes is several layers or sheets inclined at a 45-degree angle (as opposed to parallel to the external panes).  This approach makes it possible to achieve European U-values of 0.05 W/m2K, or the U.S. equivalent of R113 (R = 1/(.05/5.678)).

Of course, there’s a lot of work and investment to be done before these are suitable for commercial production, so there’s no pricing or availability yet.  But watch this space for window innovation.

[+] More about SUPERWINDOWS in development in Cracow, Poland.


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Excerpt from: Light 12-Glazed Window on the Horizon

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Reclaimed Wood with a Rainscreen Install

I’ve been following Matt Risinger’s blog for about a year, because he’s sharing great videos about high-performance homes in Austin, Texas.  Take this video about using old pine siding from a home built in 1935.  The siding is in a condition to be reclaimed because it’s had enough air to dry when wet over the years.  Now that it’s being re-used, Risinger shares the vented rainscreen he used to make sure the siding lasts another 80 years.

The home was first layered with DuPont DrainWrap, and then covered with a 1″ blanket of Dow Styrofoam extruded polystyrene.  Following that, Risinger put furring strips of polycarbonate plastic on studs to create about a 3/8″ air gap behind the siding.

At the end of the video, Risinger shares the final, painted wood siding, and it looks fantastic.  From what I can see, it looks like new wood and equally as neat as fiber-cement, which is commonly used today to achieve the same result.

[+] More building science videos from Matt Risinger.

Credits: Matt Risinger. 

Read more from the original source: Reclaimed Wood with a Rainscreen Install

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Starck Sweeps in with Emeco Broom Chair

Broom is another chair made by Emeco and Philippe Starck, but this one isn’t made with aluminum.  As explained by Starck: “Imagine … a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the workshop, and with this dust he makes new magic.” In this case, the dust is discarded industrial material — 75% reclaimed polypropylene, 15% reclaimed wood fiber, and 10% glass fiber — and the magic is a stackable chair.

The polypropelyne is left over from plastic production, while the wood fiber is left over from lumber manufacture.  The wood-polypropelyne composite is called WPP (see below), and it’s injected with gas during molding to create the chair structure.

Broom is available in six colors (white, yellow, orange, green, natural, and dark grey), and all of them are suitable for outdoors except for the orange version.  The recycled-content chair has a seat height of 17″ and weighs about 10.5 pounds.  I’ll update this article shortly with availability and price details.

[+] More about Broom by Philippe Starck and Emeco.

Credits: Emeco.

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Green Appraisal Guide, Banning Plastic, Designating Prefab, + Build Eco-Friendly

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Micro Guest Cottage with a Green Roof

Continuing the theme of tiny structures this week, I think this office cottage on Bainbridge Island is just awesome.  The compact, 200-square foot space was designed by Russ Hamlet and built by Geoffrey Hobert for the Rolling Bay Land Co. and featured on the recent green home tours presented by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.

The cottage was finished in 2009 and includes a murphy bed and composting toilet to accommodate guests, though the daily use is as an office for the Rolling Bay Land Co.

Finish materials include FSC-certified fir plywood, salvaged wood flooring, LED lights, denim insulation, corrugated metal siding, a green roof, rain barrels for rainwater collection, and a Stelpro convection wall heater.

[+] More about this office/guest cottage at Rolling Bay Land Co.

Credits: Studio Hamlet and Art Grice.

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Warburg is Simple, Modern, and Efficient

There’s something about the traditional yet contemporary “house-shaped” form of this design that just resonates with me.  The home was designed by an Alberta-based studio called Bioi pursuant to the owner’s request for something simple, contemporary, and energy efficient with a build cost of less than $100,000.  It turns out, Warburg House received the highest EnerGuide rating available without generating its own energy, according to featured project information at Architizer.

That is to say, when there’s a budget, energy-generating technology (i.e., small wind, solar, geothermal, etc) is secondary to the primary goal of minimizing energy consumption with a thoughtful whole-house design.  In this case, the steel structure wasn’t given an opportunity to break the envelope.

The 750-square-foot modern home, located on a wooded farmstead in Warburg, has a structural steel frame that’s covered in a thick R40 skin with an outer layer of black corrugated steel.  The end walls and deck are finished with cedar, while the interior floor is polished concrete with embedded radiant heat.

Inside, the simple layout fits with an industrial design of the remaining fixtures and furnishings.  An object in the middle, covered in birch, houses the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, mechanical equipment, and storage.  Finally, windows punched into the envelope provide a path for natural light.

[+] More about Warburg House from architects Bioi.

Credits: Alison Andersen; noticed at MoCo Loco.

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New Blueair Air Purifier Just Makes Sense

This the new Blueair Sense designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.  It was designed to shatter barriers in the bland world of air purification with a contemporary design, touch-less control, compact size, low energy consumption, quiet operation, and optimal clean air delivery rate.  All Blueair units are Energy Star certified and use “HEPA Silent” technology, and I understand Blueair Sense will be no different.  I’ve asked Blueair for pricing and availability information and will update this article when I hear back.

[+] More about air purifiers by Blueair USA.

Credits: Blueair.

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Link: New Blueair Air Purifier Just Makes Sense

Built in Germany, Assembled in Eight Days

Here’s a time-lapse video of one of the first Huf Haus prefabs in the country. Offered through Cleveland-based DotGreen, these homes are precision built in Germany and shipped in containers to the project site. Then, with the help of the local architect, in this case Sage Designs NW, the general contractor, Schmoes Construction, and the structural engineer, Visser Engineering, the timber-frame prefab is assembled.

This luxe prefab was assembled in about eight days in Issaquah, Washington. It’s on track for Built Green Five Star certification, and we’ll try to showcase more of the home soon.

[+] More photos of the assembly of this Huf Haus in Washington.

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Tiny Modern Leaf House in the Yukon

Speaking of tiny houses, check out Version.2, which is the second tiny house built by Leaf House and Laird Herbert in Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon, Canada.  Herbert appears to be on a roll because his first home was sold and two more are on the way, provided this second home finds an owner.  In any event, Version.2 is a 20-foot rolling house of luxury with a sofa bed, full kitchen, full bathroom, and dining area.

Including the 55-square-foot loft, Version.2 has a total of about 215 square feet of living space.

It was built with FSC tongue and groove cedar siding, metal siding, triple-pane Northern Windows, steel stud construction, spray foam insulation, Energy Shield wrap, low-VOC wood finishes and paint, a Sun-Mar composting toilet, GE propane range, Kohler sink, Pegasus shower, tankless water heating, Ecoheat electric baseboards, Broan ventilation, LEDs, dimmable CFLs, birch plywood and ultralight drywall finishing, etc.

Leaf House is selling Version.2 for $44,500.  Check it out here.

Credits: Leaf House; noticed at Tiny House Blog.

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