Nanotek Consulting Corp. Announces Top Level Disaster Recovery Solutions

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) December 05, 2011

Nanotek Consulting Corp. is now providing first rate contingency planning that will enable businesses to consolidate resources, save man hours, reduce energy costs by eliminating extraneous hardware, and empower companies to have greater oversight in their technical issues.

Recently, one of their clients had servers that were approaching a critical state. Before they came to Nanotek, other IT firms had told them that they should virtualize and consolidate their data into a new server. The client, a highly trafficked web property, could not afford the eight hours or more of downtime that they were initially quoted to move to a new server. Nanotek, on the other hand, implemented a unique solution: a physical to virtual conversion on the live server. The task was completed and running before the meeting was even over – without any downtime.

?At Nanotek we deploy a multi layered approach to your backup and Disaster Recovery Plan designed to meet all budgets and all contingencies,? says Harsh Pabla, CTO of Nanotek. ?First and foremost, critical servers, files, and databases are backed up locally every hour throughout the day so that in the event of data loss, restore points are usually no more than an hour old.?

Since being established 18 years ago in Toronto, Nanotek Consulting Corp. has positioned itself as a distinctive choice amongst IT consulting firms that focus on disaster recovery services. The IT consulting firm continues to garner a reputation for superior customer service by consistently making their customers feel at ease, regardless of their technical knowledge.

As an IT consulting firm, Nanotek provides value to its customers by offering a range of services that include: cloud computing, off-site data protection, network security analysis, and disaster recovery management, amongst other things. The company has leveraged its expertise and team of professionals to provide solutions to problems that competing firms qualified as intractable.

Nanotek?s ability to control and implement solutions to critical IT problems was put to the test at another time when approached by a local real estate association. The client was having their roof repaired, but an unfinished job left open areas where rain leaked in and onto their servers, cables and routers. Nanotek quickly assessed the situation, isolated damaged areas, and replaced equipment within a just few hours.

?Knowledge is important in this industry but combined with a dynamic, mobile team, strong vendor partnerships, and the commitment to deliver top level solutions, you become an unequalled end-to-end solution provider,? says Pabla. This holistic approach to servicing their customers is what has made Nanotek an unparalleled leader and a trusted source of technical knowledge.

For any business the margins can be thin, so the need to operate in a financially efficient manner is imperative to their survival. One of the major competitive advantages that Nanotek brings to their clients is the ability to cut ineffective spending. Reducing energy consumption by consolidating servers and using cloud computing as a replacement to expensive hardware are just two of the ways they save their clients money. Regardless of the cost associated with updating aging infrastructure, it is unquestionably less than losing business and valuable corporate information as a result of a crashed server.

Please visit for more details about our disaster recovers solutions and a compehensive list of other IT products and services we offer.

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Maturity of Commercial Debt a Growing Concern with Large Banks, Says Covendium

Orlando, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) May 31, 2011

With the news last week that the Goldman Sachs-Whitehall Real Estate Fund restructured $ 1.42 billion of debt on one of its largest hotel portfolios; the market was provided more information on a potential commercial loan maturity crisis. The restructuring of the fund is a sign that large banks are making efforts to get ahead of the upcoming wave of commercial debt maturities that are coming due in the next few years, says leading commercial debt restructuring firm Covendium LLC.

As a result of the refinancing, Goldman was able to avert over $ 650M of debt maturity in early 2012 and restructure the debt to match the underlying collateral of the hotel properties in a portfolio assembled over 2006 and 2007. “The big banks are getting an early start on restructurings ahead of the maturity witching hour,” says Gregg Grauer, Chief Executive Officer of Covendium LLC, the nation’s largest debtor-side commercial debt restructuring and advocacy firm. “While all of the media is focused on the consumer mortgage crisis, banks are very conscious of the $ 1.4 trillion of commercial debt that is coming to maturity over the next few years,” adds Grauer.

During the commercial real estate boom in the first half of the last decade, investors and lenders made big bets on new projects at values significantly higher than the current market, with maturities that are quickly coming due.

“Lenders can no longer delay the inevitable,” says John Hyltin, Managing Director of Resolutions for Covendium. “Every lender that I speak to is acutely aware of the size and maturity of their portfolio, and overwhelmed with the number of distressed loans they need to manage. If the debtor is reasonable and advised by an experienced firm like Covendium, there has never been a better time to realign debt with the underlying collateral,” advises Hyltin.

“We are seeing signs that cheaper capital from banks, insurance companies and even securitizations are slowly coming back to the market—but the quality of the collateral and the economic terms of each deal matters now more than ever,” says Grauer. “If Goldman Sachs gets a jump on debt restructuring for their own portfolio, it’s a pretty strong sign that other debtors who do not have access to the information and resources of a Goldman-Sachs should get a move on.”

For more information about how Covendium can help commercial debtors negotiate with their lenders, or any of Covendium’s products or services, call them at (407) 284-4000, or view them on the web at

About Covendium

Covendium specializes in comprehensive commercial debt resolution and restructuring for clients whose financial model has been destroyed by debt service payments that have become unsustainable.

For some clients, all they need is an experienced negotiator to provide their lender with the reality of the financial situation and the tool-set to restructure their obligations. For other clients, Covendium may assist in the replacement of the debt from a bank to a private funding source.

Their team of professional advisors has successfully restructured billions in transactions, with dozens of banking institutions (including major national, regional and community banks) and over 30 separate non-bank financial counterparties.

Bad things happen to good people. Covendium is a premier national debt resolution firm that helps their clients with everything from commercial foreclosure in Charlotte to recapitalization in Miami to unpaid principal balance in Phoenix to discounted pay off in Chicago.


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Hospitals Nationwide Introduce Digital Menu Boards with Focus on Nutritional Menu Labeling

Beverly Hill, CA (PRWEB) June 01, 2011

Epicure Digital, a leader in digital menu boards, presents the Epicure Digital Menu System with special emphasis on nutritional menu labeling at the Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) Annual Conference, Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ, 5-9 June, 2011, Booth #316.

Hospitals nationwide are introducing digital menu boards with nutritional menu labeling in their cafeterias. Among these are University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, Phoenix Children Hospital, University Hospitals in Cleveland, Central DuPage Hospital in Chicago, Hendricks Regional Health in Indiana and Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, all of which are using the Epicure Digital Menu System.

UCSF Medical Center’s Moffitt Caf

Gondola Resorts, Inc. Launches Florida Vacation Rental Division and Adds 100 Lodging Options in Orlando

Denver, CO (Vocus/PRWEB) April 12, 2011

Gondola Resorts, Inc. today officially added a group of new vacation homes for rent in the Orlando, Florida area that intends to serve thousands of travelers looking for alternatives to the small and confined hotel rooms in the area.

“We see the movement of people requesting more alternatives to the typical 250 square foot hotel room. The 100 rental properties we represent in Orlando truly give consumers a terrific alternative. So, it’s important to us that we continue to expand our offerings and features that provide for enhanced vacations for families,” said Gino Malara, Founder and Executive Director, Gondola Resorts. Gondola Resorts’ new nationwide partnerships are based on property management companies desiring increased bookings at the most efficient and lowest overall investment cost. Gondola Resorts effectively provides this unique and cost effective solution with no investment or risk.

The Denver based company has launched a total of 350 rental property locations in Colorado and Florida since July 2009, including 3 to 7 bedroom homes in Emerald Island, Glenbrook, Indian Creek and 31 other Orlando communities. 90% of the vacation rentals are less than 10 minutes to Disney World, 15 minutes to Sea World and 20 minutes to Universal Studios . The home rentals intend to service the growing population that demands more conveniences, along with providing strategies to help families save money. Strategies to minimize overall expenses include gourmet kitchens that reduce the need for eating-out, and providing in-home entertainment options such as billiards and foos ball tables.

Consistently ranked as one of the top family destinations in the world, Orlando’s number of attractions and extensive offering of family activities make it an ideal location. The new vacation rental location will be Gondola Resorts’ latest addition to what has only been known as a mountain-town rental company. Vacation rental condos and homes near Sea World and Universal studios include Vista Cay, Windsor Hills and Viz Cay.

A deeper analysis of hotels vs. vacation rental homes in the Orlando area offer a better insight into cost savings. Nightly rates for a normal 250 square foot hotel room at The Grand Floridian, located on the Disney World resort property, rents for $ 450 per night. In comparison, a 7 bedroom home in Emerald Island 5-minutes outside the Disney gates, with a private swimming pool, rents for $ 305 per night according to Gondola Resorts’ internet research conducted on April 7, 2011.

“It’s quite evident that a growing number of vacation travelers are moving to home rentals to replace the typical tiny hotel room,” says Malara. “We continuously compare the benefits in our market research and 99% of the time a vacation rental home or condo wins out. We also promote our corporate slogan that summarizes all the benefits of a vacation rental – Find what brings you joy and go there’”.

These “home-away-from-homes” are improved by the addition of an easy to navigate website that can easily add agility and is intended to make the vacation planning process less hectic. Additionally, Gondola Resorts’ new “Compare Prices” utility saves chosen vacation rentals so an individual has the ability to quickly and easily compare 3 or less lodging options. This function gives consumers the chance to evaluate features and benefits of each rental property in order to optimize the selection process.

Gondola Resorts plans to add property locations to the recently-launched Orlando market which will expand offerings to resort locations in Destin, Fort Meyer’s, Daytona Beach and Clearwater, Florida. Operations will be managed out of the company’s Denver office with local partnerships in each market.

To find more information on future destinations or partnership opportunities, visit or send an e-mail to

About Gondola Resorts

Gondola Resorts, Inc. provides vacation rental homes, condos and villas delivering on the promise of helping vacation travelers discover the alternative to small and confined hotel rooms. Gondola Resorts is one of the leading regional lodging providers, offering rentals in some of the most spectacular resort locations in Colorado and Florida. Gondola Resorts is based in Denver, Colorado with partnership operations in Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Orlando, Steamboat Springs, Summit County and Telluride.


Zona Design Brands Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors Gala and TV Show; Creates Medals for Evenings Honorees As Well

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) August 9, 2004

The image makers at ZONA Design, Inc. put their creative stamp on the inaugural Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors red carpet gala, held June 23rd, at DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, DC), which honored the nation

Urgent Care Marketing Group Targets Nation’s 9,000 Urgent Care Centers

Stuart, FL (PRWEB) June 4, 2010

The nation’s nearly 9,000 urgent care center owners and operators now have a new single source of marketing, public relations, internet, video, and design services with the announcement of the web-based resource Founded as a consortium of leading marketing, public relations, internet, graphic design, and video production experts to the Urgent Care Industry, the site is a one-stop-shop for urgent care providers.

The announcement of the formation of the Urgent Care Marketing group comes as the Urgent Care Association of America held its annual convention in Orlando, Florida. “Every year during the annual meeting of the Urgent Care Association of America, the need for urgent care focused marketing is forefront on the agenda of the owners and operators of urgent care centers,” said Sam Yates, Urgent Care Marketing spokesperson. “Now urgent care owners, whether they are individual physicians, group practices, or hospital owned, have a marketing source that speaks their language and delivers results,” added Yates.

Yates, who has been a presenter at the Urgent Care Association of America conferences and supplies public relations and marketing services to select practices throughout the United States, saw the need for a specialty group to supply service to one of the fastest growing industries in America. “There is no doubt that urgent care is a growth industry. That means successful urgent care center operators will have to be more competitive in their overall marketing efforts. We have assembled a team of experts to supply them the tools needed for more profitability,” Yates concluded.

The group of Urgent Care Marketing professionals will provide access to web design, brochures, marketing videos, direct mail, advertising, public relations, and a full range of marketing activities. To learn more about the services created specifically for the Urgent Care Industry, visit You may also call (772) 463-8152 or send inquiries to Urgent Care Marketing, 506 South Federal Highway, Stuart, Florida, 34994.

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School Inspection iPAD Apps Announced by Inspect2GO ? School Kitchen, Cafeteria, Facility, Playground, Vehicle/Bus Inspection Checklist Applications and Mobile Safety Audit Forms

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

Inspect2GO ( has developed mobile applications for use in school inspection and school district administration. The product line includes kitchen/cafeteria food safety checklists, facility inspection forms, vehicle, playground and safety audit apps.

The food services checklist apps and forms are designed for school kitchen/cafeteria self-audits. These apps are used for food prep inspection, personal hygiene inspection, kitchen/equipment cleanliness, food storage, etc. Field supervisors are able to inspect many schools in a district. Food service directors are able to view and compare data and inspection reports across school districts. The applications are customized by Inspect2GO to meet the unique needs of each district or university. Inspection applications are available on iPad, iPhone and Android tablets.

Other school applications include workplace safety, facilities/building inspection, vehicle/bus inspection, and playground safety checklists. Facility inspection apps include gas, HVAC, interior, structural, fire pest and roof sections. The applications can be custom designed around the existing inspection worksheet and forms of each school district. The apps include image capture, on screen marking, signature, checklist, hosted data storage, reporting and long term trending functions. These apps are also available on iPad, iPhone and Android tablets.

School Food Safety iPad Checklist Subsections