1G is a Water-Wise Tornado of a Toilet

TOTO just introduced a new toilet called 1G and announced that it’s the first manufacturer to break the one-gallon per flush barrier for a gravity-fed toilet, according to a recent statement.  1G is like a tornado in the toilet — less the noise of pressure-assist version — with a Double Cyclone flushing system.

TOTO’s Double Cyclone system propels water through two nozzles for a total flush that “clears the bowl first time, every time.

Plus, 1G’s bowl and rim are coated with SanaGloss, a nanotechnology glaze that seals the porcelain with a barrier to repel matter and bacteria.  This keeps the bowl free of waste and is supposed to help reduce cleaning time and the use of cleaning agents.

I’ve asked for pricing and availability details from TOTO and will update this article when we get that information.  In the mean time, contact a distributor for more information.

[+] Visit TOTO USA for more detail about their toilets.

Credits: TOTO USA.

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